20 Weird and Cool Things To Buy on Amazon for Under 10 Dollars

ByKeith Ericksen

20 Weird and Cool Things To Buy on Amazon for Under 10 Dollars

Have you ever wondered what things you can buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars? If you are looking for inexpensive, but weird and cool things to buy on Amazon as gifts for your family or friends.

We have assembled 20 things to buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars guide. Instead of looking around for things to buy under 10 dollars, we scoured for items on Amazon and listed them here.

Read more below to find out what are the 20 things to buy on Amazon under 10 dollars. You will be surprised to learn how many cool things you actually can buy within just ten dollars or less. Without further ado, let’s reveal these best 20 things to buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars now.

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1 | Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic GameThe Jenga Classic Game is everybody’s favorite game. I used to play a lot of this game when I was young. In fact, I still have it for occasion fun times with my friends.

This stack block building involves plot twist where you want to eliminate your opponents by putting them in a difficult position to balance the tower. If your opponent fails to keep the tower balanced and it collapses, you win the game.

Jenga Classic Game is the coolest gift for any age range from kids to adults. It is also one of the most popular building game that is still being played to date. You can check its price here.

2 | Magnetic Mount for Phones & Tablets

Magnetic Mount for Phone and TabletLooking for inexpensive, yet fashionable mount holder for your smartphones and mini tablets? This magnetic mount holders is great for holding your smartphones in the cars and bikes.

Unlike most mount holders for smartphones and tablets that has a typical price range of $15 to $20. This magnetic mount holder makes it very easy to mount your smartphones.

Just simply attach the magnetic on your smartphone and hook it up on the mount. The magnetic strength is quite good, so you do not have to worry too much about loose ends. See price here.

3 | Minimalist Slim Wallet

Travel Slim WalletDo you need a new travel slim wallet that can hold your cards, cash and even family pictures? This minimalist travel slim wallet is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t carry a lot of cards or cash with them.

It can hold up to between 6 to 8 cards and at least a decent amount of cash and coins. Although, it is certainly not the premium quality wallet that you would like to see.

This minimalist travel slim wallet is great for people, especially young people who are starting off and do not have many cards. Or if you are looking to clean up your “wallet house,” you can do that too. You can check this wallet price by clicking here.

4 | Poo-Pourri Spray

Poo-Pourri SprayerWho doesn’t like to enter a bathroom that reeks of smelly poo? This is both weird and embarrassing especially if you have friends and family living with you.

Would not it be nice if you can just cover up the stench? With this Poo-Pourri Spray, you simply apply few spray on toilet and around the room to combat the odor.

But, it is not limited to bathroom uses only. You also can use Poo-Pourri Spray for stinky garbage bag, cat litter tray and more. There are a lot of real use application with this scent spray. Check the price here.

5 | Play-Doh 10-Pack

Play-DohThis is another extremely popular childhood game. But it is also fun activity for adults too. It is like playing with clay, except you are modelling the dough along with your creative mind.

The Play-Doh comes in 10 different colors that you can model with and bring your imagination to real life.

It also have Super Can 20-Pack version if you want to buy the complete set. The Play-Doh can be quite fun and will keep you busy for hours. You can see the price here.

6 | Oil Pastels

If you are an artist who enjoys drawing cartoon, pictures or whatever. This oil pastels complete set comes with 50 different colors. The oil pastels is a higher quality over crayon that lets you create more interesting color combination and enables your creations to come true.

What makes this so popular is the fact that this set is complete pack just for under 10 dollars. If you were to go to a real artwork store, you would notice that most of their items goes for slightly higher price perhaps a dollar or couple more.

But then again, it depends on the market. For now, this 50-pack Oil Pastels is the best deal you can find on Amazon. You can check the price here.

7 | Don’t Tread On Me Flag

Don't Tread On MeLooking for an interesting flag to hang up on the wall of your house? The Don’t Tread on Me Flag is a high quality flag made by well-known company called Anley.

With more than 500 positive customer reviews, the Don’t Tread on Me Flag is crafted with care and premium quality that you won’t see anyting like that on other type of flags.

It is also fade-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside in the sun. If it gets damaged, you can replace it for free within 3 months warranty. You can check the price here.

8 | Toothpaste for Dogs

Toothpaste for DogsDoes your dogs have stinky breathe? Rotten food stuck in between its teeth? On Amazon, they are selling poultry flavored toothpaste for dogs.

This toothpaste comes with enamel protections and whitening to clean your dogs’ teeth so that it will look like brand new and shiny after you brush it.

With this dog toothpaste, you will never have to worry about your dog’s bad breathe. And most importantly, you are helping your dog maintain good oral health. See the price tag here.

9 | Food Scale

FoodscaleIf you enjoy cooking food and measuring to get the right amount so you can make the best entrees for your family and friends. Then you will want to get this food scale. Unlike most electronic food scale, this food scale is very basic and simple.

It doesn’t involves too much of complex and nifty features. As it only has the requirement that you need to measure the food.

The company who manufactures this food scale pays it forward for portion of the sale they makes toward Global Orphan Project to help end food poverty. If you want to buy something for your kitchen, but also portion of your sale goes to help ending the food poverty out of your good will. You can check the price here.

10 | Hand Soap Refiller

Hand Soap RefillerThis giant hand soap is merely under 10 dollars on Amazon. If you run out of hand soap liquid, do not bother buying another small bottle of hand soap.

Instead, you can save money and buy this large pack of hand soap refiller. It can be used up to 8 to 10 times, depending on how much your hand soap bottle can use.

For just under ten dollars on Amazon, this hand soap refiller is a real deal breaker that will save you the money in the long run. Check the price by visiting here.

11 | Thayer’s Aloe Vera

Thayer's Aloe VeraThe Thayer’s Aloe Vera is an alcohol free that you can use to rub on your sunburned skin.

Unlike regular store aloe vera, the Thayer’s Aloe Vera is infused with rose petal scent that gives it a nice smell. A definitely added bonus.

Thayer’s Aloe Vera comes with Vitamin E, leaf juice, organic hazel and a lot of organic ingredients inside. Not to also mention that this is surprisingly healthy for your skin. You can check the price here.

12 | Pepper Spray

Pepper SprayAre you looking for police-grade pepper spray? This pepper spray has the strength of a police pepper spray which lets you spray farther up to 10 meters and five more times than standard grade.

It has a maximum stopping power and comes with UV tracking to identify the suspect if you sprayed on the perpetrator. Furthermore, this pepper spray comes with free training video to teach you how to use it properly and safely.

Overall, an excellent pepper spray for anyone who is looking to keep themselves safe during night times. You can check the price by clicking here.

13 | Xbox Gift Card

Xbox Gift CardAttention Xbox gamers, relative of xbox gamers and lovers. You can buy Xbox gift card from $10 to $60 of your choice. This gift card will work with Xbox 360 and Xbox One as long as it is within the Xbox series.

Redeem this gift card for accessories, like hats and clothes for your avatar. You even can buy new games like Call of Duty or Halo. It is a great present to have for your friends or relatives who is Xbox gamers. You can check the price by visiting here.

14 | Indian Healing Clay

Indian Healing Clay

Another beauty product that you can buy on Amazon under 10 dollars. This is an extremely powerful facial cleansing.

My friend has this and it does help with cleaning the oily pores off the face. You simply add water and mix with the clay. Then you apply it on your face and let it dry for few minutes.

After that, you remove the clay and your face will feel like brand new. I have tried it before and I thought it was pretty good beauty product. So, I do recommend this product if you want to cleanse your facial. You can check the price here.

15 | Knife Sharpener

Knife SharpenerThis is absolutely a must-have product for kitchen savvy people. You can’t mince and cut the food effectively with dull blades.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend too much money on top-notch knife sharpener. In fact, you can easily get this knife sharpener just for under 10 dollars.

Plus, it comes in three different colors: black, red and green to allow you more color preferences. Lets your kitchen creation and style run free and wild. You can see the price here.

16 | Organic Matcha

Organic Japanese MatchaAuthentic food culture is the best and it can be very rare to find them for under 10 dollars. If you are a matcha lover, then you are in for good news. You can buy organic Japanese matcha just for less than 10 dollars.

This matcha is 100% organic, gluten free and vegan. And did I forget to mention that it tastes really good? You literally can add matcha to everything like smoothies, baking goods and other dishes to enhance its flavors.

It is one of the best selling on Amazon with more than 5,500 positive customer reviews commenting about its quality of food and taste. Check the price by clicking here.

17 | Natural Sleeping Mask

Natural Sleeping Mask

Looking for a gentle, easy to adjust sleeping mask that is comfortable to wear? This full adjustable strap sleeping mask can fit head size from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches.

If you suffer from insomnia, migraine headaches or dry-eyes. This breathable sleeping mask features natural fibers that allows a healthy amount of oxygen in, while keeping dry air out.

You get the benefit of a complete blackout wherever you go at home, hotel or on the plane. It is the perfect travel accessory to help you stay rested. Check the price here.

18 | Pet Hair Remover Gloves

Pet Hair Remover GlovesDo you have furry friends? Are they shedding too much hair? It can be quite tiresome having to clean up after they lay down on the couch for extended period. But oh boy, do you love to play with your furry friends?

Introducing the pet hair remover gloves, you can pet your furry friends while removing excess hair at the same time. The gloves features multiple small silicon that traps dead and loosen hair together.

The hair on the gloves can be easily removed and disposed into the trash bag without any issue. Keep your furry friend engaged by giving them the love they need while you get rid of their hair without causing too much fuss. See the price here.

19 | Foot Cream

Healthy FeetThis is kinda of weird, but it actually have health benefits for your feet. The foot cream helps repairs dry and crack feet. By creating protective layer on the skin’s surface that improves the moisture levels and prevent further moisture loss.

This foot cream works fast for most people. You can expect to see improvement within few days. In fact, the O’Keefe’s healthy feet comes with increased level of Allantoin that penetrates thick and rough surface skin.

It is highly recommended that you apply foot cream after bathing and before you go to bed. Since they are the most effective time for moisturizing the dry feet. You can check the price here.

20 | Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling Pickle

Are you sick of trying to convince a jar of pickels to yodel using mind bullets and sheer force of will? Well, at last, you can get electronic yodeling pickle that you always have hoped for!

The yodeling pickel is 13.3cm long that yodels its little heat out with a simple push of button. Perfect weird toy to have that will provide you countless of mindless music.

And plus, the batteries is included. Get to yodeling with the pickle today. You can see the price here.

Great Things on Amazon for Under 10 Dollars

Out of all the items you can buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars, the products we listed here is the best quality you can get. With high positive reviews, we researched every items to ensure you will like it as other customers does.

Do you have any great products to buy on Amazon for under 10 things? If so, let us know that way we can add it to the list. We are looking forward to having conversation with you. Happy saving money!

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