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20 Weird and Cool Things To Buy on Amazon for Under 10 Dollars

Have you ever wondered what things you can buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars? If you are looking for inexpensive, but weird and cool things to buy on Amazon as gifts for your family or friends.

We have assembled 20 things to buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars guide. Instead of looking around for things to buy under 10 dollars, we scoured for items on Amazon and listed them here.

Read more below to find out what are the 20 things to buy on Amazon under 10 dollars. You will be surprised to learn how many cool things you actually can buy within just ten dollars or less. Without further ado, let’s reveal these best 20 things to buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars now.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

1 | Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic GameThe Jenga Classic Game is everybody’s favorite game. I used to play a lot of this game when I was young. In fact, I still have it for occasion fun times with my friends.

This stack block building involves plot twist where you want to eliminate your opponents by putting them in a difficult position to balance the tower. If your opponent fails to keep the tower balanced and it collapses, you win the game.

Jenga Classic Game is the coolest gift for any age range from kids to adults. It is also one of the most popular building game that is still being played to date. You can check its price here.

2 | Magnetic Mount for Phones & Tablets

Magnetic Mount for Phone and TabletLooking for inexpensive, yet fashionable mount holder for your smartphones and mini tablets? This magnetic mount holders is great for holding your smartphones in the cars and bikes.

Unlike most mount holders for smartphones and tablets that has a typical price range of $15 to $20. This magnetic mount holder makes it very easy to mount your smartphones.

Just simply attach the magnetic on your smartphone and hook it up on the mount. The magnetic strength is quite good, so you do not have to worry too much about loose ends. See price here.

3 | Minimalist Slim Wallet

Travel Slim WalletDo you need a new travel slim wallet that can hold your cards, cash and even family pictures? This minimalist travel slim wallet is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t carry a lot of cards or cash with them.

It can hold up to between 6 to 8 cards and at least a decent amount of cash and coins. Although, it is certainly not the premium quality wallet that you would like to see.

This minimalist travel slim wallet is great for people, especially young people who are starting off and do not have many cards. Or if you are looking to clean up your “wallet house,” you can do that too. You can check this wallet price by clicking here.

4 | Poo-Pourri Spray

Poo-Pourri SprayerWho doesn’t like to enter a bathroom that reeks of smelly poo? This is both weird and embarrassing especially if you have friends and family living with you.

Would not it be nice if you can just cover up the stench? With this Poo-Pourri Spray, you simply apply few spray on toilet and around the room to combat the odor.

But, it is not limited to bathroom uses only. You also can use Poo-Pourri Spray for stinky garbage bag, cat litter tray and more. There are a lot of real use application with this scent spray. Check the price here.

5 | Play-Doh 10-Pack

Play-DohThis is another extremely popular childhood game. But it is also fun activity for adults too. It is like playing with clay, except you are modelling the dough along with your creative mind.

The Play-Doh comes in 10 different colors that you can model with and bring your imagination to real life.

It also have Super Can 20-Pack version if you want to buy the complete set. The Play-Doh can be quite fun and will keep you busy for hours. You can see the price here.

6 | Oil Pastels

If you are an artist who enjoys drawing cartoon, pictures or whatever. This oil pastels complete set comes with 50 different colors. The oil pastels is a higher quality over crayon that lets you create more interesting color combination and enables your creations to come true.

What makes this so popular is the fact that this set is complete pack just for under 10 dollars. If you were to go to a real artwork store, you would notice that most of their items goes for slightly higher price perhaps a dollar or couple more.

But then again, it depends on the market. For now, this 50-pack Oil Pastels is the best deal you can find on Amazon. You can check the price here.

7 | Don’t Tread On Me Flag

Don't Tread On MeLooking for an interesting flag to hang up on the wall of your house? The Don’t Tread on Me Flag is a high quality flag made by well-known company called Anley.

With more than 500 positive customer reviews, the Don’t Tread on Me Flag is crafted with care and premium quality that you won’t see anyting like that on other type of flags.

It is also fade-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside in the sun. If it gets damaged, you can replace it for free within 3 months warranty. You can check the price here.

8 | Toothpaste for Dogs

Toothpaste for DogsDoes your dogs have stinky breathe? Rotten food stuck in between its teeth? On Amazon, they are selling poultry flavored toothpaste for dogs.

This toothpaste comes with enamel protections and whitening to clean your dogs’ teeth so that it will look like brand new and shiny after you brush it.

With this dog toothpaste, you will never have to worry about your dog’s bad breathe. And most importantly, you are helping your dog maintain good oral health. See the price tag here.

9 | Food Scale

FoodscaleIf you enjoy cooking food and measuring to get the right amount so you can make the best entrees for your family and friends. Then you will want to get this food scale. Unlike most electronic food scale, this food scale is very basic and simple.

It doesn’t involves too much of complex and nifty features. As it only has the requirement that you need to measure the food.

The company who manufactures this food scale pays it forward for portion of the sale they makes toward Global Orphan Project to help end food poverty. If you want to buy something for your kitchen, but also portion of your sale goes to help ending the food poverty out of your good will. You can check the price here.

10 | Hand Soap Refiller

Hand Soap RefillerThis giant hand soap is merely under 10 dollars on Amazon. If you run out of hand soap liquid, do not bother buying another small bottle of hand soap.

Instead, you can save money and buy this large pack of hand soap refiller. It can be used up to 8 to 10 times, depending on how much your hand soap bottle can use.

For just under ten dollars on Amazon, this hand soap refiller is a real deal breaker that will save you the money in the long run. Check the price by visiting here.

11 | Thayer’s Aloe Vera

Thayer's Aloe VeraThe Thayer’s Aloe Vera is an alcohol free that you can use to rub on your sunburned skin.

Unlike regular store aloe vera, the Thayer’s Aloe Vera is infused with rose petal scent that gives it a nice smell. A definitely added bonus.

Thayer’s Aloe Vera comes with Vitamin E, leaf juice, organic hazel and a lot of organic ingredients inside. Not to also mention that this is surprisingly healthy for your skin. You can check the price here.

12 | Pepper Spray

Pepper SprayAre you looking for police-grade pepper spray? This pepper spray has the strength of a police pepper spray which lets you spray farther up to 10 meters and five more times than standard grade.

It has a maximum stopping power and comes with UV tracking to identify the suspect if you sprayed on the perpetrator. Furthermore, this pepper spray comes with free training video to teach you how to use it properly and safely.

Overall, an excellent pepper spray for anyone who is looking to keep themselves safe during night times. You can check the price by clicking here.

13 | Xbox Gift Card

Xbox Gift CardAttention Xbox gamers, relative of xbox gamers and lovers. You can buy Xbox gift card from $10 to $60 of your choice. This gift card will work with Xbox 360 and Xbox One as long as it is within the Xbox series.

Redeem this gift card for accessories, like hats and clothes for your avatar. You even can buy new games like Call of Duty or Halo. It is a great present to have for your friends or relatives who is Xbox gamers. You can check the price by visiting here.

14 | Indian Healing Clay

Indian Healing Clay

Another beauty product that you can buy on Amazon under 10 dollars. This is an extremely powerful facial cleansing.

My friend has this and it does help with cleaning the oily pores off the face. You simply add water and mix with the clay. Then you apply it on your face and let it dry for few minutes.

After that, you remove the clay and your face will feel like brand new. I have tried it before and I thought it was pretty good beauty product. So, I do recommend this product if you want to cleanse your facial. You can check the price here.

15 | Knife Sharpener

Knife SharpenerThis is absolutely a must-have product for kitchen savvy people. You can’t mince and cut the food effectively with dull blades.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend too much money on top-notch knife sharpener. In fact, you can easily get this knife sharpener just for under 10 dollars.

Plus, it comes in three different colors: black, red and green to allow you more color preferences. Lets your kitchen creation and style run free and wild. You can see the price here.

16 | Organic Matcha

Organic Japanese MatchaAuthentic food culture is the best and it can be very rare to find them for under 10 dollars. If you are a matcha lover, then you are in for good news. You can buy organic Japanese matcha just for less than 10 dollars.

This matcha is 100% organic, gluten free and vegan. And did I forget to mention that it tastes really good? You literally can add matcha to everything like smoothies, baking goods and other dishes to enhance its flavors.

It is one of the best selling on Amazon with more than 5,500 positive customer reviews commenting about its quality of food and taste. Check the price by clicking here.

17 | Natural Sleeping Mask

Natural Sleeping Mask

Looking for a gentle, easy to adjust sleeping mask that is comfortable to wear? This full adjustable strap sleeping mask can fit head size from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches.

If you suffer from insomnia, migraine headaches or dry-eyes. This breathable sleeping mask features natural fibers that allows a healthy amount of oxygen in, while keeping dry air out.

You get the benefit of a complete blackout wherever you go at home, hotel or on the plane. It is the perfect travel accessory to help you stay rested. Check the price here.

18 | Pet Hair Remover Gloves

Pet Hair Remover GlovesDo you have furry friends? Are they shedding too much hair? It can be quite tiresome having to clean up after they lay down on the couch for extended period. But oh boy, do you love to play with your furry friends?

Introducing the pet hair remover gloves, you can pet your furry friends while removing excess hair at the same time. The gloves features multiple small silicon that traps dead and loosen hair together.

The hair on the gloves can be easily removed and disposed into the trash bag without any issue. Keep your furry friend engaged by giving them the love they need while you get rid of their hair without causing too much fuss. See the price here.

19 | Foot Cream

Healthy FeetThis is kinda of weird, but it actually have health benefits for your feet. The foot cream helps repairs dry and crack feet. By creating protective layer on the skin’s surface that improves the moisture levels and prevent further moisture loss.

This foot cream works fast for most people. You can expect to see improvement within few days. In fact, the O’Keefe’s healthy feet comes with increased level of Allantoin that penetrates thick and rough surface skin.

It is highly recommended that you apply foot cream after bathing and before you go to bed. Since they are the most effective time for moisturizing the dry feet. You can check the price here.

20 | Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling Pickle

Are you sick of trying to convince a jar of pickels to yodel using mind bullets and sheer force of will? Well, at last, you can get electronic yodeling pickle that you always have hoped for!

The yodeling pickel is 13.3cm long that yodels its little heat out with a simple push of button. Perfect weird toy to have that will provide you countless of mindless music.

And plus, the batteries is included. Get to yodeling with the pickle today. You can see the price here.

Great Things on Amazon for Under 10 Dollars

Out of all the items you can buy on Amazon for under 10 dollars, the products we listed here is the best quality you can get. With high positive reviews, we researched every items to ensure you will like it as other customers does.

Do you have any great products to buy on Amazon for under 10 things? If so, let us know that way we can add it to the list. We are looking forward to having conversation with you. Happy saving money!

ByKeith Ericksen

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

Having posts that converts well is one of the most important thing when it comes to creating a successful and profitable affiliate marketing website. And you might be well surprised to learn how small parts of your website can have an impact on the conversion rate. Which is why I decided to write an article to share these 7 affiliate marketing tips to help you improve the conversion rate.

According to statistics, a healthy conversion rate is normally between 2% to 3%. If you attract 1,000 visitors monthly, you will probably convert around 20 to 30 them into buyers. Ideally, you want to generate a conversion rate at least 5% or higher. But it can be very hard to do so.

To build lucrative affiliate marketing website, you will need to be able to attract large traffic in order to increase conversion rate and bring in revenue stream. If you have some of your posts making low conversion rate under 1%. The chance is very good that you can work on your posts and optimize it to improve the conversion rate.

In this article, I am going to share 7 affiliate marketing tips with you how to improve your blog conversion rate. Read below to learn more what you can do to improve the conversion rate.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

1 | Use Bright Colors

The psychology behind the colors is actually quite interesting as it has an impact on the conversion rate. For instance, red represents danger, blood and powerful. Its color accent can be quite powerful element to use on your website pages. It entices your readers to do something on impulses

Blue color on the other hand represents serenity, peace and trust. It helps establishes relationship with customers who are looking for reliable websites. Blue color is typically used by financial banks and insurance companies.

According to this article, red color is 33% more likely to generate higher conversion rate compared to yellow which has a conversion rate of 13%. Although, there is a certain line that limits how much you should use one color. For instance, if your theme color is read and the buttons is red too. Your readers might be overwhelmed by similar colors.

Instead, if your theme is red then your button should be a different color in contrast to the theme. For instance, your buttons can be green. It helps the buttons stand out when the visitors reads your posts.

2 | Talk About Product, Not About Your Life

Readers comes to your webpages because they are looking for information about certain products. If you are going to talk about your lifestyle in the product reviews. It will not help you generate high conversion rate.

Readers will eventually end up leaving to a different webpage that offers necessary information about the products. If you are going to promote products on your posts, then you need to talk about it. Explain what the product does, use attention grabbers and keep it straightforward.

3 | Be Upfront

Ever seen some of affiliate marketing websites that plasters affiliate disclosure policy on every posts? Disclosing to your readers that some of the links are affiliated isn’t a bad thing. In fact, you should use your disclosure policy as a selling point why your visitors should trust you.

Running an affiliate marketing website is a business, and you want to be upfront to your readers by letting them know that you earn money for referral links at no addition cost to them. Trust plays an important role in increasing your conversion rate. Wait and watch.

4 | Use Links

Another important affiliate marketing tip is building links and take advantage of deep linking the products you are talking to the product page. You want to link the product that encourage the readers to check it out after reading your articles.

Furthermore, you also can use links to promote similar products to upsell to your audience. Typically, bloggers includes review articles with “see price” next to the products. The links can be very powerful tool to increase your conversion rate.

5 | Speed is The King

Did you know that the speed of your website pages have an impact on the conversion rate? According to this article, your conversion rate grows by 1% from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. Majority of the visitors expects the website to load under 2 seconds.

If your website speed is not optimized, you are missing out on an easy and simple way to boost your conversion rate. The faster website loads, the merrier you and your visitors will be. We recommend Siteground as your to-go web hosting service provider. Read our review to find out why Siteground is a great web hosting service provider.

6 | Create Compelling Call to Action Buttons

Nobody is going to want to click on the button that says, “Buy The Product.” If you want to make a compelling call to action buttons, you need to make it sounds not too salesy. A simple word change from Purchase Now to Buy Now can have an impact on your conversion rate.

Call to action involves action words like now, check, see, click, visit and more that encourage your readers to get lead to the page where you want them to be at. The simpler and compelling call to action words are, the higher conversion rate your articles will be.

7 | Engage Your Audience

This is one of the most underused method to increase your conversion rate. You will need to build an audience that actively engages your content and interact with you. This can be an extremely effective way to improve your conversion rate because it build trust.

The more trust your audience has in your website, the higher conversion rate you will. Do not be scared to engage your audience. If someone asks questions or just to drop comments, use it as an opportunity to interact with them and learn more about your readers.

Take advantage of these 7 affiliate marketing tips to improve your conversion rate. You would be surprised to see how small the changes can have an impact on the conversion rate. I will be continuing to update the affiliate marketing tips and include latest strategy. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest changes to maximize your affiliate marketing potential.

ByKeith Ericksen

Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners: The Guide to Become An Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate for beginners. If you have came here to learn how you can become an affiliate marketer. Then stay and read because you have arrived to the right place. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing training platform with more than +1,000,000 active members.

In fact, it is easy to become an affiliate marketer following our monster guide on how to affiliate marketing 101. All you need is a good hosting plan (we recommend either Siteground or Wealthy Affiliate), a domain (get it on Namecheap or Wealthy Affiliate) and have WordPress installed on your website.

Wealthy Affiliate brings a whole lot of benefits for both starter and premium members. Read more here to find out what perks you get with free account and what you will get if you become a premium member.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to use Wealthy Affiliate. The goal of this post is to show you how Wealthy Affiliate for beginners can be an useful tool to first timer affiliate marketers. Whether you are an experienced or new affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is geared to suit all levels. Read more to find our how you can become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Step 1 | Create An Account

First and foremost if you want to be able to promote your website and share success stories. You need to create an account at Wealthy Affiliate. All free starter accounts gets a 7 days access to Premium Membership that lets you taste what it is like having Premium Membership perks.

Once you create an account at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the ability to view training course and learn how to become an affiliate marketer. With 7 days premium membership, you also will be able to interact with your mentors and peers.

As an active member of Wealthy Member, it is very hard to fail because you will have +1,000,000 members behind you. There are stories where some affiliate marketers struggle to grow who eventually turn into a success thanks to generous support from the community.

Step 2 | Introduce Yourself

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where talking about money might turn off some of your friends. It is completely fine and safe to introduce yourself on Wealthy Affiliate. All the people who are member of Wealthy Affiliate are in because they want to make money, and so do you too.

You can set your own goals and expectations how much money you want to make as an affiliate marketer. How much you will earn will depend entirely on you and how well you deliver the content. Introducing yourself is one of the easiest and powerful way to start your own profitable affiliate marketing website within Wealthy Affiliate.

Every number do count in the long run.

Step 3 | Build A Network

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, networking with other active members is very important. If you want your content to be seen, you need to develop a network with other people who have common interests with you. But also someone who you can follow and learn from them.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own unique networking system just like Facebook and Twitter. You follow a person and their content is prioritized for you to read and learn. My advice to those who are new to Wealthy Affiliate is to network with people around the same as you.

Then connect with some experienced peers and ask them to be your mentors as well. Another way you can do to build a network is commenting on other people’s post. Provide support, insight and more can easily rake in few more people to your ever-growing network.

Your ranking determines on how big your network system is, the number of posts and how far you can tap into the Wealthy Affiliate community. Writing tips and tutorials is one of the easiest way to attract new people. So there are always at least few ways you can do to build your own inside network.

Step 4 | Write Engaging Stories

The members of Wealthy Affiliate loves to hear success stories. It can be sad, inspiring, plot-twisting or plain success stories. When you are affiliate marketing for the first time, do not be disheartened by how long it will take. It is normal for affiliate marketers to see their first sale within 3 to 6 months.

On some rare cases, it took few affiliate marketers at least one year before they see their first sale. Depending on how well you perform with your affiliate marketing website. Most typical success story is affiliate marketing making their first sale.

Writing an engaging story can be very easy to generate traffic within your network and bring new traffic over to your website. Often of the time, these stories can motivate other people to do better and it can inspire you to continue work on your affiliate marketing skill. It is a great way to remind you to check your goals and see what is done.

Step 5 | Become a Premium Member

Once you have attracted enough people to your network and generate a sustainable level of passive income. It is time to upgrade your account to Premium membership and unlock all the extensive features that it brings to the table. Wealthy Affiliate is running a special discount for limited time only, first time premium member only pays $19 for the first month.

If you want to host your website and domain at Wealthy Affiliate, premium members gets the ability to host up to 25 websites at the same time. Plus they get all of additional features like website security, built-in plagiarism checker, copy-writing and access to over +1,000,000 free images to use.

You can compare the perks between freemium vs premium membership here. Although becoming a premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate not only gives you the ability to host websites and peace of mind when it comes to protecting against hackers, spammers and malware activity.

Being a premium member also gives you countless of benefits. For instance, interacting with your mentors and peers. Posting your own blog on the site. And of course, you can make money off the posts on Wealthy Affiliate. Afterall, it is about making money, right?

Once you experience Wealthy Affiliate and trialed for 7 days. You can decide if you want to take advantage of their amazing resources and content-rich tutorials to grow and become a successful affiliate marketer. Many affiliate marketers became successful thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. If you even want to quit your day job, then Wealthy Affiliate can help you make it a reality. You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners

During your first few steps, it will be extremely important to develop a network fast. This will give you a headstart advantage in generating traffic and getting all the help you need. As well the access to training courses, online classroom and of course interacting with the active members of Wealthy Affiliate.

The rest of it will fall in together as you continue to build your own online real estate empire. For the most part of driving the traffic, networking is your important tool. If you want to be able to share your content and reach as many people as you want. Then you need to connect to people, interact with them and expand your network to include them.

If you have never affiliate market before. Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect affiliate marketing training platform for all levels. It is content-rich, detailed, user-friendly and most importantly, it is cheaper than its competitors who charge $150 to $200 a month.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try and see for yourself. You will understand why it is one of the best affiliate marketing training platform for everyone.

ByKeith Ericksen

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Most Favorable Method of Marketing

Today, affiliate marketing is most favorable method of marketing following by paid marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing is highly favorable by the merchants who doesn’t have to do the work of promoting the items themselves. As an affiliate marketers, there are a lot of benefits for those affiliate and merchants in terms of generating profit.

Much of these affiliate marketing contribution to the merchants’ success depends on how much a company is paying them commissions for every sale they make. Another factor is the length of cookie duration. The more lucrative these companies offer to their affiliate, the more affiliates they are going to promote their items within short time frame.

In fact, it only takes a domain, web hosting plan and WordPress to promote products on your website. It can be done with both popular platforms: Siteground and Wealthy Affiliate.

In this article, I will talk about why affiliate marketing is most favorable method of marketing out of all forms such as paid marketing, social marketing and advertising. You would be surprised to learn how popular affiliate marketing is these days.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Web Hosting

1 | It Doesn’t Cost Anything

Affiliate marketing is most favorable and free marketing for merchants. It doesn’t cost them anything to have an affiliate sign up and promote their products on blogs. Merchants love it and they like having free advertising because the affiliates are doing all the work for them.

But in order for merchants to become successful, they need to be able to offer lucrative deals to affiliates. If the deals isn’t good enough or too low, affiliates will either turn them down, replace them with other merchant that offers better deals or stop working with them altogether.

The partnership between affiliate and merchants is especially important if both want to become successful. All of the products are sold to the customers at no added price. So part of the commission from the sale goes to affiliate as reward for their product promotion. While the merchants gets to keep some of the profit too.

In exchange, building an affiliate marketing website can be profitable.


2 | More Reliable Than Lead Generation

Some companies chose to use lead generation as a form of advertisement to bring customers to their website. This method is known as Cost Per Click (CPC) which pays affiliates everytime visitors clicks on their referral links. It can cost advertisers between $0.20 to $0.55 per click.

Although, companies have slowly turn away from CPC to affiliate marketing because it is more reliable. Affiliate marketers and the companies only earn profit for every sale a customer purchase on their website. This method allows the companies to offer lucrative deals to affiliates as high as 50% commission rate.

Whereas the CPC model encourages the companies to lower their commission rate, and the number of sales they make entirely depends on how much traffic a website gets every month. This method is also risky compared to Cost Per Sale (CPS) model. Thus, affiliate marketing using th CPS model is reliable and popular form of free marketing.

3 | Less Work

It is true that affiliate marketing doesn’t involves a lot of work. Affiliate marketers simply have to insert the companies’ products and build the content to ensure it is optimized for the search engines. Most of the revenue depends on how much traffic affiliate marketers can bring to their website.

Another main factor also depends on how well the affiliate marketers can convert customers into buyers. While the companies do not have to work for marketing purposes, the affiliate marketers have to maintain and keep their product articles optimized.

Luckily enough, a well optimized article that can bring a lot of traffic can be an easy way to make profit. If you are an affiliate marketer that is capable of producing optimized articles and ranks very high in the search engines. It is possible to earn at least hundreds or even thousands every month for having your articles in the top 5 position.

Optimizing your articles for search engine is rather an easy job. However, the free plugins won’t make the cut alone. Which is why I recommend these top three best SEO service providers to enhance your website ranking and generate traffic.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

As I recently mentioned to you about why affiliate marketing is most favorable way to make money for affiliate marketers. It is also one of the longest way to make money if you were to replace your day jobs. I want to reiterate that affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich scheme because that is not how it works.

To rank your articles high on the search engines takes time which means you need to add new content, ensuring that the websites is optimized and see how your contender are ranking their keywords so that you can overtake them. If you aren’t sure where to start affiliate marketing your website, you can read my five easy step to start affiliate marketing.

Also you can read my +7,000 words monster guide about affiliate marketing tutorial 101 and another article how to build a successful and profitable affiliate marketing website. As a first timer affiliate marketer, it can be very easy to get lost if you do not have an idea how to do that.

Web HostingI highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for first time affiliate marketers. It is an online affiliate marketing training platform designed to help all people who are interested in making money passively. They are also one of the most successful training program with more than +1,000,000 active members.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is very hard to fail. There are always mentors and peers who are always there to help you and encourage you to become successful. You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works. Plus, they are running special promotion discount for premium membership for only $19 the first month.

What Do You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing

There are only three ingredients you need to start your own affiliate marketing. Luckily, they are not so hard to get. You will only need a domain, a good hosting service provider and a WordPress. I recommend Siteground as both your domain and hosting service provider. They are also one of the best hosting service provider due to bundled hosting plans. You can read my in-depth review about Siteground.

However, if the price tag scares you off a bit. I recommend that you get your domain at Namecheap. Then register for a hosting plan at Siteground. And have the nameservers pointed to your domain at Namecheap. If you do not know how to do it, customer support service will assist you.

If you are unsure of what to pay monthly or yearly for a hosting plan at Siteground. This article will help you make a smart decision regarding to financial expenditures for your website needs. Alternatively, you can register for a website and domain on Wealthy Affiliate bundled with premium membership.

ByKeith Ericksen

Wealthy Affiliate Freemium vs Premium: Is Membership Worth The Money?

Today, Wealthy Affiliate is a huge affiliate training platform home to over +1,000,000 active premium members. As a first timer, you might be wondering what are the advantages you get with a freemium starter account vs premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate can work good for you and teach how to make a long-term stable income. In fact, freemium vs premium membership is a hotly debated topic.

If you were wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate is a honest affiliate training platform, you would be surprised to learn how it has one of the largest community compared to its competitors. And did you know that Wealthy Affiliate attracts around 500,000 to 600,000 visitors monthly? Big community.

Like many other businesses, there are advantages between a starter Wealthy Affiliate account vs premium membership. In this article, I will talk about freemium vs premium membership. You will learn whether it is worth the money to have a premium membership or not.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Freemium Starter Account

Wealthy Affiliate offers visitors the opportunity to create a free account. With a 7 days of premium access to taste the features and perks that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer such as training courses, interacting with your mentors, peers and of course the ability to publish your own posts on the platform.

Your perks is rather limited with free Wealthy Affiliate starter account. But, you will still have the access to learn and review the first part of bootcamp training course. The main features you will have with a starter account will include:

  • First part of Bootcamp Training Course
  • Ability to read others blog posts and guide.
  • Ability to like others blog posts and guide.
  • Create up to two free websites on SiteRubix (albeit, unreliable choice for affiliate marketing sites)
  • 24/7/365 Support Center
  • Promote affiliate links and earn up to 25% commission rate.

Although there is not a lot of things you can do with a freemium starter account. It is great for anyone who is still learning how to affiliate marketing and simply want to taste what it is like to be a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Most of the features and perks are locked behind Premium membership that offers you way more than you will imagine.

Premium Membership Account

Wealthy Affiliate is running a special discount which you can pay $19 for premium membership the first month. After that, it will cost you $49 per month. But the perks and benefits you get as a premium member is beyond its price value.

In fact, it is almost too hard to fail as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate because you are getting all the resources and help you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. Basically, it is filled with a boatload of tools to enhance your websites performance, creating beautiful content and more. As a premium member you get these benefits:

  • Ability to create and build up to 25 websites.
  • Ability to create and build up to 25 WordPress
  • SiteProtection to keep your websites protected from hackers and spammers.
  • SiteContent to enhance your websites performance by making it lighting fast and smooth.
  • Comes with built-in plagarism checker for spelling, grammars and errors, ensuring all of your content is unique.
  • Ability to post blogs and comment on other people’s posts.
  • Abiility to make money off your blog posts on Wealthy Affiliate
  • Earn up to 50% commission off your referral links
  • Live Chat for support, tips, guides, advice, 24/7/365 all time, all day long.
  • Access to Online Classroom
  • Access to Video Training Courses
  • Earn Online Entrepreneur certificate through training course.

There are just way more than what I said. These features and perks that premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate brings to the table is just the only tip of iceberg. Not only it helps you become an effective and successful affiliate marketer, it presents you the opporunity to make money on Wealthy Affiliate after being a premium member for three month.

With more than 500,000 visitors coming to Wealthy Affiliate every month. You can easily make money by creating simple, informative articles to generate attention and monetize it with your affiliate links.

Freemium or Premium Membership?

When it comes to freemium vs premium, there are a lot of benefits for premium members. You still can make money and access to a limited part of the training course. However, if you truly want to experience Wealthy Affiliate to its fullest.

Premium membership allows you to get all the information that you need at low cost compared to other affiliate training platforms. The pace is entirely up to you. How fast you want to work and how much you are willing to invest into building your own profitable affiliate marketing website.

In the end, premium membership is worth the money. Mainly for affiliate marketers who are interested in building lucrative and long-term affiliate websites. Like I said previously, it is hard to fail as a Wealthy Affiliate member. With guided support and tips from your mentors and peers, it is likely you will see your first sale within the first few months.

Because of Wealthy Affiliate community “pay-it-forward” mentality helps new affiliate marketers the opportunity to grow. While experienced affiliate marketers also learn new things from other affiliate marketers which brings the community closer together. I hope you find my article helpful and insightful. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

ByKeith Ericksen

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme Or Honest Affiliate Program?

Today, affiliate marketing is the most lucrative method to bring in stream of revenue passively. It is not the fastest way to become rich. But rather a long term career that requires investment and passion to grow your online business. Although, as an affiliate marketer, it is important to be wary of companies that engages in pyramid scheme.

The most important role of affiliate marketing is to ensure honest and transparent information about a company’s product and services. No matter how good or bad it is. The keyword here is information that plays a very powerful factor in impacting the companies’ business. A large number of similar experience, information and supporting evidences determines how long a business will last.

Basically, the affiliate marketers is the first line of defense who share information to the audience and help them make decisions whether that product is worth the value or not. As I am sure you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before. It has became incredible popular recently with more than +1,000,000 active members. Plus, I wrote a review about Wealthy Affiliate and how it can benefit you as a premium member.

Some people came with an impression with Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme based on inadequate or false information. So I am going to clear this up and explain to you how Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme. Most importantly, how this affiliate platform can help you in the long run if becoming an affiliate marketing and the ability to earn income passively is your goal.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

What is Pyramid Scheme and Why Is It Illegal?


Pyramid Scheme

A Pyramid Scheme comes in various forms that can be quite hard to recognize immediately. But they all share the same characteristic. They promise consumers or investors large profits based on recruiting others to join their program. But not based on profits or any real investments of sales to the public.

These schemes involves selling a product buy they often use the product to hide their scheme. There are two signs that can identity whether the companies are engaging in pyramid scheme.

First sign is forcing customers to buy more than what the company can sell at inflated prices. If these ever happen, the people at the top of pyramid reaps in large profit, regardless of how much the market moves. Then the people at the bottom makes excessive payments for inventory that gets added to their basement. Plus, a lack of retail sales is another sign that a pyramid exist.

Many companies that uses pyramid schemes will claim that their product is selling fast. However, these sales only happens between people inside the pyramid structure or new recruits joining the structure. Not the consumers in the general public.

Ponzi Scheme on the other hand, is quite similar to pyramid scheme. Mainly because it involves continuous recruiting but promises no commissions to the affiliates who drives traffic to their website. Instead, the promoter earn payments from stream of people, promising high profit rate for a short term.

Thus, there are no real investment opporunity to be gained from these companies that uses Ponzi schemes. Promoters just use the money from new recruits to pay obligations to longer-standing members of program.

This is like stealing money from people and using it to pay to a member in the structure. Regardless, both schemes are illegal and can be quite seductive when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Pyramid Scheme?

This is completely a legit question. But I would be the first one to say you no. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t engages in pyramid scheme and they haven’t changed their commission rate since 2005. Each time you convert one of your member into a premium account. You earn 50% of the money as a reward for your work. And the other half goes to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

How much money you will make off Wealthy Affiliate is directly up to how much traffic you bring and how much they convert to premium members. All the members start with equal opportunity and can rise or fall depending on their affiliate marketing performance. To put these words in simple sentence, Wealthy Affiliate is all about teaching you how to become a successful and effective affiliate marketer.

They offers 7 days free trial for anyone who is interested in learning how Wealthy Affiliate works, including full access to chat, interacting with people, training courses and publishing your own blogs. After the trial expires, you will have the option to upgrade to premium member and gain huge benefits such as online classroom, video tutorials and live events.

Let’s alone an active community of +1,000,000 members makes it very hard for you to fail as an affiliate marketers. These community have established a mentality set of “pay it forward” from experienced affiliate marketers to beginners. If you aren’t sure where to start with your own affiliate marketing website, read this simple 5 steps guide to help you get started.

–> Join Wealthy Affiliate for $19 First Month <–

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Good?

Unlike many other affiliate training platform, Wealthy Affiliate is the only good one out of all. First, they have the lowest monthly cost of $49 for premium members which is surprisingly affordable. Secondly, they offer so many resources, useful tutorials, tips and guides that is more than what the price value brings to the table.

Wealthy Affiliate have mentors and a very strong community who will help guide you through as you are learning how to affiliate marketing. Like I said before, it is almost too hard to fail as an affiliate marketer if you are putting in effort, determination and passion to grow your affiliate marketing websites.

All the information you will find are chock-full of resources, tips and useful guides to get you started making money online. Although, affiliate marketing is not the quickest form to become rich. As I mentioned previously, it is a career which you can consider as a long-term investment. Making at least five to six figures will take time, patience and hard working.

Wealthy Affiliate helps makes the whole affiliate marketing smooth, effortless and easy to do so without having to clutter useless information. They keep these training focused on teaching you how to be a good affiliate marketing by taking advantage of free tools outside such as social medias and keyword research.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate since June 2018, I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is a legit affiliate marketing platform. It is a company that engages in a honest business practice and treats every members with same opportunity. If you are wondering how Wealthy Affiliate works in details, please read my article how Wealthy Affiliate works and how you can make good money with it.

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ByKeith Ericksen

Where To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website: 5 Steps To Get Started

So you came here to learn how to start an affiliate marketing website? But you are not sure where to start? Many people think it is very hard to start up a website because it involves coding and programming. However, the reality is starting your very own affiliate marketing website is very easy nowadays. If we were still living in 2005, then it would have been true.

Thanks to the evolution of WordPress, starting your own affiliate marketing website is super easy and simple which only involves these five steps. If you have been wondering where to start as an affiliate marketer. Then read more to find out how to create your own affiliate marketing website and make money without wasting too much time on optimizing your website.

The main focus as an affiliate marketer is to provide information to your readers. The money comes second, although that is how it works. If someone were to read a review such as why Siteground is the best hosting service provider. The readers should expect to know the details what makes Siteground a better hosting service provider than, say HostGator or Namecheap.

Alas, starting up your own affiliate marketing website isn’t that difficult. These simple five steps will get you started right away.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Step 1 | Have A Working Website

You can’t become a successful affiliate marketer if you do not have a working website that contains all information like reviews, valuable content and the like. Sure, you can do affiliate marketing on social medias, reddit, etc. But that means your methods to maximize affiliate marketing capabilities is rather limited if you do not have your own website.

A website is much more valuable and incredible powerful that can drive traffic especially in the search engines. These information are static and are widely available to everyone who is looking for it as opposed to social medias where information is available to your followers and a certain portion of groups.

Creating your own website only requires a domain, hosting plan and WordPress installed. For the hosting plan, I recommend Siteground due to bundled web protections and built-in content delivery networking system to enhance website loading speed. These are three simple things you need to have a working website.

Step 2 | Choose A Simple, Yet Effective Theme

Before you start affiliate marketing on your website. You need to choose a simple, yet friendly and stylish theme to match your brand. If you are starting out for the first time, I don’t recommend you to buy any premium themes just yet.

Although, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, then I do recommend checking these best themes for affiliate marketing blogs to maximize your reveune stream. It all comes to depend on how you choose to affiliate marketing your websites.

Some people prefer to do product reviews, in these cases, premium themes will be likely required to get review plugin, special custom, etc. But if you prefer to do it clean and simple, a minimalist theme is probably the best way to go.

Step 3 | Locate Affiliate Programs

You will need to locate few companies that will be willing to work with you and pay commissions for each sales they make through your referral links. These are two recommended affiliate networking platforms that every affiliate marketers should sign up: ShareASale and ClickBank.

Web HostingShareASale have more than 4,000 affiliate programs within the same platform and ClickBank has over 6,000 companies. They sell more than 1 million products so it is very hard not to find anything within your niche. I strongly encourage you to sign up for affiliate programs as many as you can.

You should not limit yourself to just only one affiliate program, but instead you should diversify and work with at least five to six companies. Mainly because you will be able to generate additional revenue and it makes you less biased toward one company. If you need help with how to affiliate marketing, read my monster guide about it.

Step 4 | Research Keywords

Once you have partnered with affiliate programs, it is time to research keywords so you can promote the products for your new articles. Researching the keywords requires a small amount of your time to develop content and planning how you want to promote it.

These are top 3 free keyword research tools I highly recommend:

Locate these keyword phrases and implement them for SEO purposes. These keyword tools can be incredible useful and powerful in locating what the people are looking now these days. By taking advantage of these free knowledge, you can easily create content and push them into top 5 spots to bring in a lot of traffic.

Web Hosting

Step 5 | Create An Awesome Content

Your next step is to create an awesome content. As an affiliate marketer, you will want to write an article that have attention grabbing headlines. These plays an important factor in generating clicks that can impact how well your post ranks in search engines. They are also important for social media in growing your followers and establishing the brand identity.

The mission of creating an awesome content should be about the product and valuable information that readers want to know. If you are just going to push products without explain what it is about or why they should buy it. Then there is no reason why they should buy it.

The likelihood of them leaving to find a different article to provide valuable information is higher and which means you will have a low conversion rate. An average conversion rate is between 5% to 10% but it is possible to go over 10% if you manage to create an awesome content that results in crazy rate. Content is the king, all the time.

Getting Started

Now you have followed these five step on where to start for affiliate marketing websites. Your next step is to produce content, research and provide valuable information. Build links to other websites and of course to your article to expand your own online real estate empire.

With these five simple steps, you will be affiliate marketing in no time as your experience grows over the time. And so does the number of articles you can build within your website. Affiliate marketing is rather a long process, but the end term of making money can be quite lucrative.

If you are still completely unsure and need resources to guide you throughout to become a successful affiliate marketer. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review about it. Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful affiliate platform that teaches you how to build a successful affiliate marketing website. So in fact, it is a very good resource website to have as supplement.

I hope you find all these information where you can start at as an affiliate marketer invaluable and insightful. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will answer back to you as soon as possible.

ByKeith Ericksen

How Wealthy Affiliate Works and Can You Make Good Money?

As you probably heard about Wealthy Affiliate by then now. You might be wondering how Wealthy Affiliate exactly works and what can it do to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate since June 2018 and I am still learning how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Although, some people came with the wrong expectations thinking that they will become rich overnight with an affiliate marketing platform. It is not a get-rich scheme. Rather, you should treat it like a career as you would do for you 9 to 5 jobs. In this article, I am going to explain so you will have an idea of how Wealthy Affiliate works.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Think Wealthy Affiliate as an Online School

Wealthy affiliate isn’t like other affiliate training programs where you go into and learn everything by yourself. Think of it like you are in an actual school classroom in high school or college where you get the opportunity to interact with your peers.

The main purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach you how to market online. It is just about the most simple and basic definition when it comes to answering what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

Sounds simple, right? But it is not because there is a whole lot more than a simple online marketing.

If you are completely new to the digital marketing, the chance is that you probably have faced several websites before that makes it quite easy to do. You will hear stories that anyone can earn thousands of dollars in month, even days just in few weeks without having to do any work.

While it is possible to do so, it will take years to achieve six-figures to seven-figure a year just in affiliate marketing. So let me tell you, it isn’t possible to achieve these figures within the first few years. Building your own affiliate marketing website takes time as you expand your authority in the niche.

Which means you will need to have a lot of high-revenue generating content in order to make thousands off everyday. If becoming a millionaire is your goal, good for you. But that means you will have to commit yourself to affiliate marketing. You need to spend a lot of hours, craft high-quality content that your readers will read and share, and of course your passion to keep running.

Afterall, Rome wasn’t build in a day.

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

First and foremost, the bootcamp which consist of content-rich lessons that is available when you register with Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to register and can be accessed by everyone.

Basically, these course teaches you how to affiliate marketing. If you have been scammed few times already and read this report. Then you will understand the reasons why you are not seeing any success.

I can imagine that not too many people pay attention to these course, simply because it is free. Most of the time when they finish the course, they start to over exaggerate that making money online is too hard for them. Then they start looking for other shiny programs, hoping that they will somehow land in piles of gold that they have always dreamed of.

What I am saying is that after you read the first lesson in the Bootcamp training section, you need to start taking action based on what you have learned. Success comes with time, hardworking and the desires to grow.

Build, Grow and Expand Your Online Real Estate

Your website is like your own online real estate. Except, you can build new content, link it to your website and expand all over the Internet to generate traffic. Wealthy Affiliate has their own hosting services platform. As a starter Wealthy Affiliate member, you can build up to 2 websites for free. But, please do take note that these domains will be located on a subdomain under SiteRubix.

This presents you the opportunity to experiment your chose niche and plan before launching a website on official domain. I recommend it for starters who aren’t sure where to start, but if you think you can make money without website, you are basically shooting your own foot.

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Community of Like-minded People

Wealthy Affiliate has a truly amazing community of like-minded people. They are your peers and mentors. Everyday there are always new tips, information and guides that gets passed around. They share their success that can be a powerful inspiration for you

When it comes to affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect platform for everyone from beginners to experienced affiliate marketers. The community have adopted “pay-it-forward” mentality which is rare in these community nowadays. On top of this, you also have your own personal mentor who will train and guide you throughout as you learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Not only these community offers you tools and resources you can learn, there is Live events and classrooms that will answer any questions you might have. If there is anything genuine about the Wealthy Affiliate community, they live up to these expectations of mentorship-apprentice training programs.

You Can Make Good Money Using Wealthy Affiliate

Most importantly, if you want to make good money marketing products online. Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to do that. However, keep it in your mind that majority of people won’t see their first sale until 3 to 6 months later. And in some rare cases, few years. This is completely normal and you should hold on to that until you see first sale.

What matters the most is that you get to learn Wealthy Affiliate techniques and dominate the search engine. Your website can become the authority in any niche you choose to. That comes with hard-working, dedication and smart content strategies.

In fact, there are so many free resources and useful training courses to help you become an effective affiliate marketer. Such as for instance, 10 tips how you can effectively grow your Twitter follower organically in order to drive traffic from social media platforms to your website. These are great opportunities that you shouldn’t also pass on as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Works In a Nutshell

Wealthy Affiliate is actually quite simple, but very content-rich. They have all the knowledge, tools and support that you need to grow your online real estate businesses.

Basically, that’s all about how Wealthy Affiliate works.

If you want to know about Wealthy Affiliate, please check out my full review.

Furthermore, if you want to learn how to start making money as an affiliate marketer, please read my monster guide on affiliate marketing 101 guide.

In the end, I hope you learned something new about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works. If you are curious and want to ask questions. Please send me message or leave a comment below. I will respond back to your question as soon as possible.

ByKeith Ericksen

How to Create A Successful and Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time. In fact, it was around since the birth of Internet. However, it didn’t went into full transition until introduction of World Wide Web in 1994. Today, affiliate marketing is one of many ways that can be very profitable in the long run.

But it also takes time, determination and patience to turn a zero income website into a five-figures to six-figures revenue stream generator. In fact, affiliate marketing can be quite a lucrative way to grow and supplement your income. Which is why we have create a monster guide on how to get you started with affiliate marketing.

When I became an affiliate marketer, I wasn’t sure where to start at and wanted to become successful at making a profitable website. Thankfully, I signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a HUGE platform that helps more than 1,000,000 members become successful affiliate marketers.

However if you think affiliate marketing is a quick-way to become rich scheme. It is not. In fact, it took me 4 MONTHS before I saw my first sale which was $0.13 for promoting a drone product. It is not a lot, I know. But it brought in burning passion, excitement and made me want to work more to grow the income.

This is a sample picture of my drone affiliate account which I earn commission for promoting products relating to quadcopters.

Money Growth as a Drone Affiliate Marketer

And I didn’t even do anything at all. I simply let my work speak for themselves and Amazon pays commission to me for every sale they make through my referral links.

I first started my drone affiliate account back in August 2017 and didn’t see my first sale until Dec 2017. From that point, I started working on growing my income to break the hundreds barrier.

However since drones is toy-based, the interest fluctuates often with winter time and summer time being the best seasons to see increase in commission sales. I can say that I am very optimism about reaching the hundreds barrier by early November to December 2018.

Like I said, affiliate marketing can be very profitable and lucrative way to make a stable source of income enough for you to quit your day jobs. However, you will have to invest a lot of time into affiliate marketing and building content that providers valuable information to your readers.

Is It Hard to Start a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website?

Actually no. If we all were living in 2004 or 2005. Then maybe it was that hard to start a website because you had to learn how to code and all of these complex stuff. What you need to do is register a domain, get a web hosting plan and install WordPress.

Fortunately, I am a frequent user of Siteground and my experience with them has been very positive so far. Which is why I am sharing the news with you that you can register here and get 67% discount off the first year for any hosting plan you choose.

They also have detailed and guided tutorials to help you get your website started.

Once you completed all these baby steps, you need to sign up as an affiliate marketer with the companies.

As a first time affiliate marketer, this might sounds overwhelming to you. In fact, you might be wondering where do I start and what companies do I sign up with?

Luckily, there are two major affiliate marketing platforms that have over +4,000 companies online at ShareASale and ClickBank. And yes, they pay much more generous than Amazon does. Marketing with ShareASale and ClickBank is a bit harder than Amazon, but the rewards is much bigger and can be extremely profitable.

If you are still overwhelmed with the whole affiliate marketing thing. Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership for 7 days which covers you on the basics of affiliate marketing. You also can interact with other members and learn from them to become successful at affiliate marketing.

If you really love their services, you can become a Premium Member and get full access to their online tutorial courses, classroom, the ability to share your success stories, blogging and even make money there (kind of irony is it!?). Find out why I recommend first time and experienced affiliate marketer to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate by reading our article about it.

Web Hosting

Can You Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

Yes, you can. In fact, anyone can build a successful affiliate marketing website. It all boils down on what is your business strategy. Also, it depends on how your website structure is and whether it can bring in a lot of traffic.

If you don’t take advantage of affiliate marketing strategy like:

  • Deeplinking
  • Adversiting
  • Images

Then it will be hard to build a profitable and successful affiliate marketing website. Wealthy Affiliate covers on all these tips and technique to maximize your affiliate marketing potential. Suppose that you just happen to make at least $10.00 off one of your post and you want to increase that number.

Now, there are many ways you can do to increase that number. It can be done by simply optimizing it and incorporating their affiliate marketing strategy to maximize your profit.

In fact, there are always opportunities to grow and expand your affiliate marketing website reach. Especially when it comes to search engine optimization that is the single most important source of traffic for conversion rate.

There are many good free SEO plug-ins that I recommend you to use for your affiliate marketing:

They will help you optimize your pages to ensure that it gets ranked high in search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Although, if you are looking to expand beyond what these SEO plug-ins has to offer such as real-time reports, scans and optimizes your pages automatically and other advanced features.

Then you are going to want to read my review on three best SEO service providers and why you will want to include them on your affiliate marketing websites.

Does A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Depends on Niche?

Yes and No.

First, you can pretty much build a profitable affiliate marketing on everything. Do you have a passion to talk about a niche where there is a small interest group? Or are you just only in for money?

Most of the time, people who are in for just money do not have passion to talk about it and only delivers half-baked articles. There is no information that readers will benefit from it and neither does the website owners too! Then what happens next? Readers don’t get all the information they need to know and leaves which results in low conversion rate.

But then, again, it depends on the niche you are choosing. For instance, if you are into cameras then you might face a lot of fierce competitors. There are a lot of big brands that is selling cameras as well blogs about it. Everyday, there are always people reading articles about cameras and deciding whether to buy it or not.

Web HostingDoes that means you should turn and walk away? No! If you love to talk about cameras, then I do encourage you to jump into the water and build an affiliate marketing website about it.

What if you love to talk about something like pool tables or fishing which has smaller interest groups compared to cameras. You still can build a profitable affiliate marketing off these niches too and they are big sellers.

Everyone starts out in the same boat. You start with a website with no content. Nobody is going to bother you regardless of niche you pick. And they definitely will not pay attention to you until you have some content to show off that is worthy enough to grab their eyes.

If you don’t have any content to show. Then it is not going to get visited by visitors and you will not have the opportunity to make money.

See how this works? It doesn’t matter what niche you choose as long as you are willing to show off the content you have for the readers to gather information.

The main focus of affiliate marketing is your readers and the end goal is provide them information why they should buy it. That’s all.

If you are looking for extra way to boost your income. There are at least five effective ways you can do to make money off blogging and affiliate marketing at the same time.

How Long Does It Takes to Create A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website?

There is no time frame how long it takes to build a profitable affiliate marketing website. How long it takes is entirely up to you. In fact, there are few factors that is completely out of your control. However, there are some factors that is in your control and you can take advantage of that to create a profitable and successful affiliate marketing website.

Starting with what you can control to build a profitable affiliate marketing website:

  • Update old posts and add new information, increasing its ranking to bring in more search traffic.
  • Write amazing content and provide information to readers.
  • Take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing techniques.
  • Use Social Medias and share your content.
  • Engage with your audience
  • Beating your competitors

What you can’t control and beyond is out of your reach to build profitable affiliate marketing website:

  • Age of your domain
  • Commission Rate
  • Products

Sometimes companies will change their commission rates for the better and in some case for the worse. In events where companies decides to stop selling products which they pretty much can do without notifying you that they have discontinued a specific product.

However most of the time when a product is discontinued. You will still get commission for whatever products the referred person buys within the same company. The only time you will not get commission is if the cookie expires.

Where Do I Start Building A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website?

After seeing the benefits that being an affiliate marketer has, you are probably thinking to yourself and convinced that you want to start one now.

There are two ways you can do to start affiliate marketing. First and foremost, you can register with Siteground and have them set up the website for you. However, all the information about affiliate marketing, SEO tips, and more are completely on your own. Which means you need to do the research yourself.

But, if you prefer to have a lot of help and a mentor who will guide you through the journey to become a successful affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate offers starter account that gives you access to training course, interacting with other members and learning tips from your peers for 7 free days. No credit card required.

Because of their training courses, there are some successful affiliate marketers making their first sales within one to two months.

So, therefore it is possible that you can start making sales as soon as you start investing into your website with guided support. And the rest of building a profitable affiliate marketing website is up to you.

In fact, you only need either Siteground or Wealthy Affiliate to start your very own making money website. Then you need to register for either ShareASale or ClickBank. If you want to maximize your potential, you can use both as long as they have products that you can promote within your niche.

ByKeith Ericksen

What Wealthy Affiliate Is All About And How You Can Benefit From It?

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative method to make money off promoting products to the readers. If you have heard of it before, but you haven’t considered giving it a try.

Then you have come to the right spot. In this article, I am going to talk what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and how you can benefit from it as an affiliate marketer. Recently, I wrote a review about Wealthy Affiliate, explaining what it exactly does and perks that it has to offer compared to popular hosting service providers like Siteground.

You probably have heard of it before. In this case, you might be wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. This is an entirely new and completely different platform that focuses on providing resources. Which is necessary for all of its members to become a successful affiliate marketer.

No matter what your level is, beginner or experienced. They have a complete in-depth tutorial guide tailored to help you get started and making money.

However, as an experienced affiliate marketer, I need to let you know that it is not guarantee you will make sales within few weeks. It will require patience, time and determination before you will start seeing sales rolling in.

Web HostingSome affiliate marketers kept on going for months and months before they see their first sale. 90% of the bloggers quit within the first three months because they came with the wrong mindset that they will skyrocket to success and make big cash in the short run.

Affiliate marketing is not great for short term run. But, if you are in for a long run then affiliate marketing is the best method to reap in money passively. In this case, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform that focuses on turbo-charging and takes your affiliate marketing to a whole new level.

As you are wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and how you can benefit from it? Let’s get started with it.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

As I briefly introduced about Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the largest online platform which you can register your domain and hosting plan within that company. It is also one of the most expensive plan. But they comes with a lot of perks, features and of course training materials to help you get started.

If you are a first time affiliate marketer, you might feel lost and overwhelmed because you are not sure where to start with. I have been there before and I understand how it feels. Which is why I created a monster guide about getting started as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate provides tools and resources to protect your content from malware. As well, ensuring that your posts are unique using SiteContent and SiteProtection. Their tools are automated and scans to ensure that your content are unique which is really important SEO factor.

Depending on what hosting service provider you are using. Wealthy Affiliate can add layer of secure features and advanced tools to further enhance your posts. Thereby, ranking higher in the search engine. Which in exchange brings more traffic to your posts and converting them into buyers.

Wealthy Affiliate was found in 2005 as a keyword site for visitors to help them rank high. Over the time, they have expanded into an international site that serves a simple mission: help people become successful affiliate.

They haven’t changed their mission since and have served more than 1 million community every year. It is also among one of the fastest growing platform. Plus they have the highest success among affiliate marketers who benefited from it. Wealthy Affiliate is running a special discount for Premium Members which you will only pay $19 for the first month to get full access to training courses, chat, interacting with community members and of course perks that starter members don’t have.

How Wealthy Affiliate Benefits You?

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t get the same kind of perks you will receive at any other hosting service providers. Remember I said before how it can be quite a challenge if you are a first time affiliate marketer?

Wealthy Affiliate makes it very easy and simple enough to help you jump start. Their tutorials are tailored and very straightforward enough to guide you. Plus, their steps are very methodical and includes checklist that you can check to see what you have done so far.

Their training courses comes in three different ways for you to learn depending on your preference. There is text for those who learns the best from reading the tutorials. Although, there are videos for those who are visual learners. Finally, if you learn the best from participating in discussion and listening to the experts. They have online classroom for every tutorials. It is also a great way to interact with other affiliate marketers and make contribution to the discussion.

While there are at least few platforms that does the same as Wealthy Affiliate. You do not get the same level of support and detailed tutorials that are designed to help you at different platforms other than Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the cheapest and most affordable way to become a member. While getting a lot of help and guides to become successful at affiliate marketing. I have include a demonstration for you to see how Wealthy Affiliate stands against its competitors.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Compare

As you can see that being a member of Wealthy Affiliate brings you a lot of benefits. One of the main perk that you get from Wealthy Affiliate is one on one mentorship that will actually work with you. Their mentors also guide you to become a successful affiliate marketers.

The other three platforms do not invest the same amount as Wealthy Affiliate does. These competitors do not invest into their members, unlike Wealthy Affiliate. Plus, Wealthy Affiliate have over 500,000 visitors monthly.

Best of all, it is cheaper to host and work with Wealthy Affiliate compared to these three platforms. Most of people are driven to look for the best platforms that offers them great perks and benefits. Which in this case, Wealthy Affiliate have shown and proven to be beneficial to all users from beginners to experienced.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

I would be lying if I were to tell you yes. But all in honest, it depends on how often you use Wealthy Affiliate and what your plans are. If you are 100% completely into affiliate marketing and you need a strong platform to guide you through. Plus, you do plan to take advantage of its tutorials, guides and courses. Then Wealthy Affiliate is the clear choice.

Just because Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for teaching you how to affiliate marketing. It is not a quick way to become rich scheme. Mainly, it teaches you how to make a stable income. That is what is the most important thing about affiliate marketing.

If you are thinking of quitting your day jobs. Then you need to have a stable income that is strong enough to support your lifestyle. How much money you make depends on how you promote content. Also how much time you want to invest into your websites. And lastly, your determination.

Majority of the bloggers who are doing it for the first time will have to wait at least 6 to 12 months before seeing their first sale. That is completely normal. How fast you are bringing in traffic depends on three criteria: age of your website, keyword research and of course how unique your content is.

Some people say that you can bring in a lot of traffic if you churn out content. But I think it is ineffective way to do and burns you out easily. The main focus as an affiliate marketer is to focus on the product and talk about it why your readers should check it out.

The more time you invest into writing a post. The more unique it is and the better it is, which turns over to higher post engagement.

It all depends on how you choose to pace yourself. If you are serious about getting your website up and making money less than the average time it takes to see first sale. Then good for you. And Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through each steps to build a strong website foundation that you can dominate the traffic.

In the end, Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money based on what you plan to do with it and what your mission is. As a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would say it is worth the money because you get a lot of perks and advantages. You even can experiment your niche ideas on free domains before confirming to it.

No other hosting service provider does what Wealthy Affiliate can do. And that is what makes Wealthy Affiliate a superior choice for affiliate marketing.

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Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Good?

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the perfect tool for dummies, beginners and surprisingly, retirees. In this case, Wealthy affiliate is good for all types regardless of your experience level. Or maybe you just want to make a long-term investment into growing money.

The benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is beyond what any other platforms will do. You get all the perks, tailored training courses and especially full access to interacting with your mentors and peers. With premium membership, you get complete access to all of their resources and tools. You can sign up today as a premium member and get discounted price for the first month.

Everyday there are always success stories from peers sharing their first sale. It creates inspiration for other peers to see and work hard to achieve it. When I see someone share their success story. I say to myself, “wow, they did it! I am going to work hard so I can become successful like them!” And so can you too!

Wealthy Affiliate community helps create this mental set by supporting each other and teaching to become a successful facilitate marketer. I especially love how they bring the community together where peers can talk and share tips. It is almost like a FaceBook in some way.

Other platforms do not allow you to interact with peers at all. Let alone you are all on your own without any help. Wealthy Affiliate makes sure of that you will grow your website and makes your long term goals possible.

Thus, this makes Wealthy Affiliate a very good platform to use in conjunction to your website.

Are you ready to turn yourself into a successful affiliate marketer? With the benefits Wealthy Affiliate brings to the table. You can rest assured that you will make sales within few months knowing they have your back. Most importantly, ensuring you are on the right track to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Remember, as an affiliate marketer, you won’t get rich over the time. You need to invest your time, patience and determination. This method is something you can grow over the time by simply creating quality content for your readers. From that point, you can promote the products and talk about it to help your readers understand why they should buy it. In the end, as an affiliate marketer, this is a very lucrative way to become rich within 2 to 3 years.