There is so many questions I get asked very often. So, I thought I would create a page where you get all the answers you need for affiliate marketing, niche researching and more. Without further ado, read my answers below:

Q. How do I get started?

Answer: Pick a proven online business model that works (i.e blogging, product review sites, e-commerce). Pick a profitable niche and work out on your monetization strategy then get to work.

You need to focus, work hard and dedicate yourself to the project. Do not give up at the first hurdle. If you decide to give up, you won’t see any success.


Q. How long until I start making money?

A: It depends on how much you invest into your blog. For some bloggers, it can take them 1 week to see money trickling and some probably will never see any money. Ultimately, it is up to how hard you work, how smart you work and millions of other factors.

There is no guarantee in this business and it isn’t something that you can put “X” amount of your time just to have someone hand you a paycheck.


Q. I want to find niches for e-commerce / selling physical products on Amazon, can you help me?

A: Unfortunately, I don’t have that much experience in that field. I am mostly an affiliate marketer who deals with digital products.