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ByKeith Ericksen

How to Start and Grow A Profitable Drone Business In 7 Steps

The drones is becoming an extremely popular side gigs in today business. Starting your own profitable drone business can be an extremely lucrative way to hustle extra side money. According to Federal Aviation Administration, they predict that there will be 450,000 commercial licensed drone operators.

And there are a lot of well paying clients that pays between $100 to $250 for a single flight mission that takes around 2 hours. Sometimes there is some clients that pays up to $10,000 for training. Starting your own drone business can be both lucrative and profitable way to make money.

Of course, like every other business, you need clients in order to make money. In this article, I am going to teach you how to start and grow your own successful and profitable drone business. For starters, you can check out Drone Pro Pilot Academy.

Also, if you want to jump start making money with your drones. Then I recommend you to check out these top five best money making drones for your business. At the end of article, I will provide you useful tips such as what to do and don’t.

Without further ado, I am going to teach you how to start your own drone business and become a successful remote pilot.

Step 1 | Create Your Own Drone Business

First and foremost step of starting your own drone business. You will need to come up with a name for your business. Then you need to have a website to showcase your work for clients to see, and of course to build positive reviews. For your own website, I highly recommend either Bluehost or Siteground.

For your website name, I recommend adding drones, UAV, aerial or anything related to the air. Fitting names like Skyvision.com or Dronevision.com would help catapult your brand. You will have to think of a good logo design that fits the website name. The more fitting it is, the more appealing it is and you will bring in new clients.

Step 2 | Showcase Your Work

Before you can start attracting clients for jobs. You should go out and produce pictures and videos to showcase. Clients are looking for pilots that are familiar with how to take pictures and videos using the drones. In fact, there will be some clients who needs editing done.

It is highly recommended that you familiarize with Photoshop, Lightroom and Premier Pro. If you are a student, you can get the bundled plan for $20 a month. For non-students, it is around $55 a month. Most of the time, clients prefer to edit raw files themselves which gives them great flexibility of how they want to market the footage.

Step 3 | Join A Drone Networking

Your next step to start building a profitable drone business is joining a drone networking group. Drone Pro Pilot Academy is the leading networking organization that helps drone pilots become successful. They have all the tools and resources to help you grow your drone business professionally.

Drone Pro Pilot Academy has built-in lead generation that streams in clients who have jobs for remote pilots. They will list their own budget, location and requirements. You even can bid to increase or lower the budget. But, the most important part about joining a drone network is teaching you how to make money professional and build relationships with new clients.

Drone Pro Pilot Academy guarantees that you will get at least 5 to 10 clients the first month. If you get a client within the first month, you will make 2 to 3 times more money than the monthly subscription fee.

Step 4 | Advertise Your Drone Business

When I started my own drone business, the first thing I did was getting out and meet with the people. I talked with people and promote my drone business. I explained to these people how my drone business can help them grow their business through aerial footage.

Meeting with one person isn’t sufficient. You will need to meet and talk with people as many as you can. Another way you can do to bolster your drone business is creating flyers and banners then hang them on the busy traffic roads.

Additionally, you can try advertising your drone business online such as Twitter or Facebook. But I find it a little bit difficult to do so because advertising online can be very broad. Naturally, you will want to promote your drone business in person. As I find it to have a much bigger impact on building relationship with clients.

Step 5 | Build Your Brand

Once you attract new potential clients, your next step is to build your brand. Which I mean you need to work for the clients, impress them and over-deliver services. Your main focus during this phase is to get positive reviews from your clients. These will be the most important thing for building your brand.

Positive reviews says a lot about what people see and thinks of your business. Generally, the more positive reviews you have for your brand. The more clients will be likely to want to work with you. During this phase, you need to build the brand for your drone business by exceeding your clients’ expectations.

Step 6 | Maintain Relationships

Perhaps the most important part of building a profitable drone business is maintaining the relationships with your clients. If you want to keep a steady stream flow of income. Then you will need to keep an ongoing relationship with your clients.

Having ongoing relationships with your clients can be extremely profitable. I alone made $3,000 off a client within three months because of ongoing relationship and she was very happy with my work. This can be the most important key feature to secure and protect your income assets.

While you are maintaining your work relationship with your clients. You should be also focusing on identifying and finding new clients, using Drone Pro Pilot Academy lead generation. With these kind of relationships, you can easily net around $3,000 to $4,000 a month depending on the payouts.

Step 7 | Market Your Drone Business

The final step of starting your own drone business is marketing it. You want to help bring more customers to your business by promoting it. You should have accumulated at least several reviews and built a good business reputation.

This will give you the leverage that your drone business is serious. I highly recommend marketing your drone business on Instagram and Twitter as both of them can be quite effective and costs you nothing. Facebook on the other hand, is smarter to market your drone business using their paid advertisement.

Investing five to ten dollars a day for 7 days should be enough to attract in new clients within your business proximity. You should be marketing your drone business while you are picking up new leads using Drone Pro Pilot Academy lead generator to diversify your clients, flight missions and jobs.

ByKeith Ericksen

Three Ways You Can Make Money Without Blogging The Easy Method

It is quite funny that you are asking this question. The short answer is yes. But if you want to know how to make money without blogging, then sit down and read because I am going to tell you how to do it. Anyone who has tried blogging before and failed will tell you that they made money without blogging.

Starting your own money making website requires at least a little bit of cash investment, just under $50 most of the time and you are good for one year. For blogging, I recommend Siteground as your to-go hosting service provider. They are one of the biggest money saver and an official WordPress provider.

Personally, I like to make money with blog for many good reasons. However, as it seems to be the case for certain people who prefer to use different tool set to generate revenue. In fact, there are three different ways you can do to make money without owning a website or blog.

1 | Social Medias

One of the simplest way to make money is using your social media to promote products. Unlike blogging, having people convert into buyers through your social medias is harder. For two good reasons, people are much more skeptical on social media. Secondly, the social media activity is very high so there is always new feed every second.

If you want to affiliate market the products, you will have to step up on others level. Build a sizable audience and become an influencer to make money should be your first step. A good conversion rate for Twitter is between 0.08% to 0.33% per 1,000 followers.

If you have a twitter with 10,000 followers, it is possible you will earn between 80 to 330 engagement for every post you share with your followers. However, achieving that healthy size of conversion rate is rather tough. Majority of the twitter accounts has a conversion rate of 0.01% to 0.02% which translate to a pitiful 1 to 2 engagements per 1,000 followers.

Alternatively, you can start making money using Profinstagram. An artist made $90,000 a month using this tool and sold a picture that doesn’t belong to him.

2 | Start Your Own Business

You definitely can make money without blogging by starting your own business. I wrote 30 different easy and legit ways you can do to start making money without having to sit in front of your computer all the day. In fact, there are some really profitable industry that will pay you well such as drones and worms.

For instance, this worm startup company is looking for people who wants to start their own worm farming business. You get a starter worm kit including guides, tips, tutorial and assembly material requirements to get your business running. A pound of nightcrawler sells for between $30 to $32 which is really lucrative way to make money without taking care of the worms.

Alternatively, you also can see the top five best moneymaking drones here. It will requires an investment on your part, however the clients who is looking for drone services pays between $100 to $250. Sometimes they pay as much as $10,000 for a big project. You can get start making money using the lead generation that Drone Pro Pilot Academy provides.

3 | Trade on Crypto Markets

If you are looking for a way to make money without blogging. You can invest your money into cryptocurrency markets. Of course, it involves risks, but I recently stumbled upon Crypto Trend Rider and wrote an article about it.

There are several hot and popular cryptocurrency such as XRP (Ripple), Bitcoin and Ethereum that is attracting new investors. If you do not have that much money, XRP (Ripple) is the easiest way to enter cryptocurrency due to low market value. But its growth is very potent.

Why I Prefer to Make Money With Blog

Like I said before, blogging might not the way to make money for some of people. There are many ways you can do to make money without blogging. However for me, I personally prefer to make money with blog for good reasons.

First, blog is much more reliable and stable than using social medias, starting your own business and trading on the cryptocurrency market. How much money you make using blog depends on search engine optimization.

Which means if you want to make money, you need to bring traffic and convert them into buyers. Thus, you need to optimizing your blog in order to bring it to the top search results. Because the webpages are static and they have the tendency to stay for a long time.

Evergreen content is the most powerful blogging tool you can use to make money since it will stay relevant no matter what. Unless the company decides to update or make changes to the product, policy or whatever.

Furthermore, there are a lot of excellent affiliate marketing resources that teaches you how to make money with blog. Wealthy Affiliate is my top choice affiliate marketing training platform to help new and experienced affiliate marketers become successful at making money. I have used Wealthy Affiliate personally and saw great success with their training courses.

Since I started my website a couple weeks ago, I have raked in $105 thanks to Wealthy Affiliate training course. If you want to make money with blog, I recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate out. How you want to make money without blogging or with blogging is up to you.

ByKeith Ericksen

Crypto Trend Rider: The Most Intelligent Cryptocurrency Market Trend?

Today, cryptocurrency is becoming the most popular way to make money. According to a futurist, the cryptocurrency will replace national currency. In fact, the cryptocurrency is becoming the most fastest and stable way to move the money around online using layers of security.

Cryptocurrency, like stock exchanges, have their own market systems involving uptrends and downtrends. Most of the time, we come with an expectation to make money investing our hard earned cash and getting more on returns. However, it often comes with risk if the market falls, we lose money. And frankly, everyone hates when that happens.

A few days ago, I was looking around for a tool that will automatically analyze the market and inform me in advance when to buy and sell shares. I stumbled upon Crypto Trend Rider, which I never heard of it before. So I decided to research more about it and share with you. If you are struggling to make an income off cryptocurrency, then this will be very important to you. Read below to learn more about how Crypto Trend Rider can help you become successful at making money with cryptocurrency.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

What is Crypto Trend Rider?

The Crypto Trend Rider is a brand new trading solution for all cryptocurrency platforms. Basically, what it does is teaching you how to detect massive changes in profit and extracting money with precise, even if the market is going downhill.

Furthermore, the Crypto Trend Rider features many useful tools to help you master at making money using the cryptocurrency. It consists of user-friendly interface member area with guides, videos and advanced market trend detector.

Plus, as a member of Crypto Trend Rider, you will have access to signals that detects and read the market flow. Crypto Trend Rider releases breaking news so that you will always stay at the top of game. It keeps you in the loop whether you should invest your money or not.

What are The Features of CTR Signals?

Perhaps the most important features that Crypto Trend Rider (CTR) has to offer is built-in advanced signals. Unlike other cryptocurrency trading solutions, the Crypto Trend Rider is based on complex set of algorithms that keeps you at least one step ahead of the market. Which means more winning and less losing. The main features that CTR signals offers include:

  • Investor & Market Sentiment Gauge:Using complex set of algorithms that keeps you ahead of the market, which means more winning.
  • Market Momentum & Power Indicator: Automatically warns you if a cryptocurrency coin is going uptrend or tumbling downhill.
  • Price Reversal Predictor System: Calculate the trade confidence of signals automatically and provides multiple exit point triggers accurately.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Introducing the most user-friendly interface that makes it super easy for beginner to learn how to make money with cryptocurrency.

Moreover, Crypto Trend Rider reveals how their signals leads to higher return on investment.

Cryptocurrency Trend

Since their launch, they have helped grow the return on investment up to more than 4,624% which is actually impressive. No matter how much money you invest, you are likely to get a return on investment at least 2% or higher. To put this way, if you invest $10,000 into a cryptocurrency market, you are bounded to make an extra $200 or higher within 3 days.

What is Market Trend Detector

What is a Crypto Trend Rider without its signature feature: the Market Trend Detector? As the trading conditions becomes violate, the market trend detector detects the shift in market before it happens. By avoiding losing the money during the plunges and buying back. The Market Trend Detector will help you generate huge profits with minimal effort on your part.

Market Trend Detector

There are three different conditions which the market trend detector uses to identify the market trend:

  • Good Trading Condition – All signals can be traded, or investors can BUY cryptocurrency.
  • Volatile Trading Condition – Trade cautiously or investors keep your eye on the market.
  • Critical Trading Condition – Do NOT trade any signal – investors can SELL and buy again when the market trends up.

This feature is an invaluable sophisticated trading tool for every single investor in the cryptocurrency market; users can analyse and use this signal within their existing crypto investing and alongside third-party signal providers to increase your success rate.

Don’t Let Brokers Control Your Money

Crypto Trend Rider is one of the most legit trading solution platform I have come across. If you are interested in making money and want to keep all of your profit without having to pay commission to the broker. Crypto Trend Rider gets rid of that by giving you all the tools you need to learn how to make money.

They include all the guides, videos and tutorials to train you how to do it yourself. If you are making money, your foremost and important objective is to keep all the profit for yourself. Which is what Crypto Trend Rider does by empowering you to become a successful and independent cryptocurrency trader.

How much money you make is all right on your own fingertips. While I personally never used this trading solution before. I read their testimonials and it does seems to be very promising solution for all cryptocurrency trading. If you aren’t sure about Crypto Trend Rider but want to give it a try before you can fully commit to their trading solution platform. The Crypto Trend Rider have 60 days money back guarantee. No question asked.

ByKeith Ericksen

30 Easy and Totally Legit Ways You Can Hustle For Extra Money

If you ever want to make quick and easy side money. Or just to hustle extra for yourself. There are 30 easy and totally legit ways you can make money that doesn’t involves doing for dimes and nickles.

From winning lottery tickets to investing money into real estate businesses and earning profit passively. The sky is limited and you can well make an easy $1,000 to $3,000 a month by just hustling the money. More than few thousands if you invest a lot of time and effort to grow into an actual business.

Making big profits over the time requires at least some investments. We scouted all over the Internet and located 30 legit ways you can take advantage to make money with minimal efforts. Read more to find out what these 30 easy and totally legit ways you can do to make money.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

1. Win Digital Lotteries

Win Digital Lottery
The digital lotteries is a huge business. And believe it or not, if you can know the number in advance and follow the lottery formula system, your chance of winning money will go up. The Formula 1 Lotto System is a proven program that improves your winning chance as high as 8.7 out of 10 times.

With it, your chance of winning a powerball is just only 1 out of 455,000. Which means your likelihood of winning small prizes is common with big jackpots around the corner. Since the Formula 1 Lotto System uses unique method to identify winning numbers, all you have to do is fill out the number and submit to win the prize.

Keep it in your mind, Formula 1 Lotto System will increase your winning chance to 87% of the time. 13% of the time you will lose. If you have a bad streak of losing lottery tickets, then the Formula 1 Lotto System will change the luck for you.

2. Raise The Worms And Sell Them

Worm Farming Business Legit Grow

This is really weird, but it is completely legit to make extra money. The worm farming business competition is very small and niche is rather extremely tiny. So making money off raising the worms and selling them to bait shops, gardeners and other companies who needs worm can be extremely profitable.

The worm startup business company is looking for people who wants to start their own worm farming business. It comes with guide, starter worm kit and equipment to get you started. A pound of nightcrawlers can easily go for between $30 to $32.

Bait shops usually buy $2 for a dozen of worms. That’s right, 12 worms for $2.00. Taking care of the worms isn’t that difficult at all aside keeping the temperature cool and feeding the worms once in a week.

These worms multiple every 90 days so they do grow and expand rapidly that makes it very lucrative to start a worm farming business. You can visit the worm startup business company and get your own worm farming starter kit.

3. Become a Mushroom Grower

Organic Mushroom Farming Business Grow

Another way you can do to make big profit is become a mushroom grower. This niche is very small just like worm farming business and a hop goes for $3.52. It is a great way to reap in extra profit.

In fact, this mushroom growing business startup is looking for people who wants to become a mushroom grower. They need people who can grow the mushroom organically and bring completely new brand of organic mushroom to the stores.

Growing the mushroom isn’t not a hard job. They do not require too much maintenance which means you simply can just leave them and take care of it when it needs water. The mushrooms you see in the store often are sprayed with pesticides that has been linked to cancers.

By growing these mushroom organically, you are helping bring a new brand to the marketplaces and they sell very well. Are you ready to become a mushroom grower? Head over here and find out how you can become one of them.

4. Get Paid for Your Opinions

Paid Online Opinion Survey The Money Creator

Are you tired of making pennies off online surveys? What if I were to tell you that you can get paid big bucks just for sharing your opinion via this online opinion survey platform? It might sounds almost too good to be true, but there are testimonials who have tried it before. A freshman graduate made $30 on the first day and now he is averaging $80 a day.

To put this way, you can easily make $2,000 a month by sharing your opinion using the online opinion survey platform. They offer perks for customers who join their Gold Opinion program:

  • Get paid up to $5 dollars for 10-15 minute surveys
  • Get paid up to $30/ per hour on focus group and panels
  • Flexible working hours, work when you want to
  • Get Paid up to $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveys
  • Get paid up to $50 for premium surveys
  • Work at home, make money no matter where you are in the world!
  • No experience needed to join!

Convinced? They have 7 days free trial risk-free for you to try out. If you aren’t happy with it, you can get your money back. You can start making money by checking Gold Opinions out.

5. Buy and Sell Smartphones

Reselling Smartphone Business

Did you know you can make money of buying old smartphones and resell them at high price? There is a big gap in the smartphone marketplace. For instance, The Apple sells their iPhone at $200 but on Ebay, they goes for $500. The Cell Phone Resale is teaching their clients how to make profit buying used cell phones at low price and selling them at high price.

Reselling smartphones involves small financial risk, which means you need to buy a smartphone and resell it to other people in order to make money. Fortunately, the Cell Phone Resale have guide, tutorials and tips to teach you how to master reselling the smartphones in most easy and effective way.

It doesn’t even involves starting up your own physical business. In fact, you can run it on eBay or any trading platforms involving peer to peer. As of current, the Cell Phone Resale is offering special discount for people to start making money off reselling their smartphone. There is a 60 days money back guarantee, so this is something you can try with your luck making quick money within short time frame.

6. Sell Your Photography Online

Sell your photography online

Photography businesses is huge and there are always customers looking to buy pictures. But with today online photography businesses where they take large cut from your sales that you are probably making few cents.

Photography Jobs Online is a networking platform who is seeking for new and experienced photographers to sell their work. And if you ever want to make money anywhere you want to go while you have the opportunity to take picture of special moments. By becoming a member, you get the perks such as:

  • Get paid an average of $2-$5 per photo
  • Earn up to $25 per photo
  • Earn up to $200 for 4k photos
  • Upload and sell as much photos as you want
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Set your own working schedule
  • All kinds of Photography jobs to choose from
  • Make money no matter where you are in the world
  • No experience needed to join

This platform partners with many well known brands that helps makes it even easier to sell your photos online and make money. Plus they have income estimator calculator to help you figure out how much money you will be making. It won’t make you filthy rich overnight, but it is a great way to make an income.

If photography is your passion or simple want to make few extra hundreds, then what are you waiting for? Head over here and try out their 7 days trial.

7. Get Paid for Winning Your Sport Picks

Get paid for winning your sport picks

Do you enjoy watching football, baseball, hockey, basketball or even horse racing? They are all great and I love to root for some of my favorite team. But what if you can make at least thousands of bucks for winning your sport picks?

The Zcode System developed their own algorithm that predicts winning sports team accurately. They have over ten thousands customers who have won and saw their accounts doubled every time. Plus Zcode System comes with powerful tools that makes smart calculation to help improve your winning chances:

  • Line Reversal Tool
  • Oscillator
  • Totals PRedictor
  • Power Ranking Indicator

What I just said is the only tip of the iceberg, there are way more than tools. The only main difference between Zcode Systems and other sport platforms is that Zcode actually want to make profit with you, not to take away from you.

They have 60 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with their product. But you would probably be making money within the first two months that outweighs the expenses. Head over to here if you are interested in making big bucks off your winning sport picks.

8. Work as a Drone Pilot

Get a job as a drone pilot operator

The drone industry is relatively new and growing at rapid pace. There are a lot of companies looking to hire drone pilots to fill in the positions.

If you ever have flown a drone or own one of these money making drones, then you might be eligible to work for some of these drone companies.

Zipline is looking for people who are experienced drone operator. They have a lot of opening job positions but that means you will have to travel to Africa like Ghana or Rwanda. Zipline’s job is to deliver medicine supply and ensuring that the hospitals have supplies necessary to take care of their patients. All of these are done with professional drone operators.

Are you new to making money with drones but you have one already? No problem, the Drone Pro Pilot Academy can train you how to become a professional drone operator. They also have leads that brings in steady flow of customers that pays you well. Plus they have monthly workshops with the experts to help you stay on the top of game and is recorded for you to keep if you missed or want to review.

Get 5 to 10 working clients and you are looking at a net profit of between $4,000 to $5,000 a month. Plus they never run out of clients and there are some really high paying people that have a whopping budget of $10,000 and above. This is a golden opportunity to hustle for extra money.

Be sure to read our article on the best valued money for drones with money.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Make money affiliate marketing

Are you interested in making a steady flow of income to replace your day jobs? Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable way to make money and you all really need is a website, good service provider (See here) and have WordPress installed. Once you have all of these requirements done, you are ready to make money.

Basically, what you have to do is find companies that offers affiliate programs and sign up with them. Once they review and approve your application, you can start selling their products on your website. You earn commission for every sale they make through your referral links.

Best of all, it doesn’t involve handling with customer services or shipping the products. The companies will do it for you, so you really all have to do is focus on bringing traffic to your website and ensuring that the conversion rate is high enough to generate income. In fact, it is so easy to start that I created a monster guide on how to affiliate marketing.

But if you want to turbo charge and grow your passive income steady with the help of mentorship and peers. Wealthy Affiliate is a huge online platform that have over 1,000,000 active members and everyday there are success stories of people making their first sales to making over $10,000 a month passively. They are also one of the honest and transparent affiliate training program that have high success rate. These stuff like that should make you excited about making money.

You also can read my article how Wealthy Affiliate can benefit you as an affiliate marketer. If you aren’t sure where to start as an affiliate marketer, please read my five steps where to start with your own affiliate marketing website.

10. Sell Your Artworks

Sell Your Artworks

If you are a talent artist and can impress your audience with immersive graphics. You can easily start an online business, selling your artworks to companies, individuals and more who are looking for logos, figures and more.

To maximize your profit, you can start your own website with Siteground hosting plan and install WooCommerce Platform on it. If you are going to run an online business, I strongly recommend Siteground. You can read more why Siteground is the best choice for web hosting for any kind of websites.

Simply enough, you have to put your graphic artworks on your website and let the work speak for themselves. After time being, you will have clients coming to your website, making requests for your work. This business can be extremely profitable than doing it on any online platforms where they tend to take a cut off your profit.

Afterall, it is better to keep all of your profit, right?

11. Be a Coder

Become a Coder and Make Money

According to a live statistics, the number of active websites have exploded in the recent year. In 2016 there were only 1 million active websites. Last year, the number exploded to 1.7 million active websites which indicates there is a large demand for coders.

As a coder, you can develop and design your own themes and plugins to sell on well-known online marketplace like Theme Forest. Millions and millions users are buying themes and plugins every year to accommodate their website and style.

If you manage to design optimized, feature-rich and packed with useful tools. You can easily make at least $30 to $40 a pop. Plus you get to choose how much you want to sell your themes and can set special discount price for certain dates.

I have seen some authors who managed to sell at least 20,000 to 30,000 priced at $59 a pop. Which is totals to $1.2 to $1.8 million dollars in profit. Big cash market right there for those of you who have coding and programming skills.

12. Rent Your Room

Rent a room for money

According to a recent statistics, more than 1.18 billion tourists spent at least a night abroad. If you have a room or couple that is not used. You can take advantage of that and make money by renting to tourists.

This is the perfect opportunity to make extra money if you need to pay off your bills or just to build up your bank account. Airbnb is always looking for new people who can rent their rooms for the night to accommodate tourists.

You can set your own price, house rules and more. But be sure to make it appealing because you are the homeowner, and your goal is to provide hospital place for the tourists to live in. The money you make depends on how many rooms you have for rent and how many clients you can get.

Renting your rooms can be quite lucrative way to make side money, in fact, the most expensive room to rent is in Austin, Texas which will set you back $10,075 a night.

13. Make Money Selling Videos

Sell your videos online for extra money

You can easily make money off uploading your videos on YouTube. All you need is a great camera, a tripod and a powerful video editor software.

You will earn a cut of profit for every 1,000 views your videos get. The income you make based on YouTube largely depends on how viral you are, how many views you get and of course the number of subscribers.

Alternatively, you can sell your videos on DroneVideos if you use drones for capturing footage. You earn 50% of the commission each time someone buys your video on their website. If at least 10 people bought your video, that is an easy $200 profit right there.

To add on top of that, if you have clients and you refer them to DroneVideos via referral link and registers an account. You make 20% commission on every purchase they make no matter what and they are yours forever.

14. Babysitting

babysitting for easy cash earn

If you are living in urban cities such as Chicago, Houston, San Diego and other similar cities. There is a strong chance there will be parents who is looking to babysit their children or even animals. This can be quite a quick way to make side money.

You can easily start babysitting as your side job by registering at Urbansitter, Angie’s List, or Sittercity. These babysitting agencies have helped more than million parents all over the United States. In fact, you can easily register as a babysitter and they will go through the vet process before you can start working.

There are also some parents who is looking for both part-time and full time babysitters, so there will be always opportunities to make extra money just watching their kids. Easy to earn cash by sitting, watching and making sure nothing goes wrong, right?

15. Invest Into Real Estate

Real Estate Investing

The real estate is really a HUGE, HUGE business. If you are not investing your money into real estates, you are missing out all the opportunities to make money. This method doesn’t requires you to sell or buy property. In fact, you can easily start investing to a real estate as low as $500.

Every time they make sales, you get a small portion of profit called dividend. It can be a very lucrative business especially if you are investing into a high-powered real estate agencies that can sell many properties within short time frame.

You can check out and grab guide here for small fee how to get started with investing money into real estate. It is crafted by professional and expert real estate person who is both an agent and investor. Plus, if you need help with finding real estate deals to invest into, BirdDogBot will do it for you automatically.

16. Become A Delivery Person

Food Delivery Service

Another way you can make extra money is being a delivery person in the food industries. According to the statistics, around 20% of Americans ordered food delivery at least once a week. Moreover, the online food delivery is growing at explosive pace.

As the future of food industries shape the market and how we obtain our food, the demand for food delivery person is only going to get higher and higher. To meet these high demand, several companies such as GrubHub is offering lucrative deals.

GrubHub pays to drive around the car and keep 100% of the tips. Uber also offer delivery service that anyone can sign up. If you do not have a car, you can deliver food via scooter or bike. Both of them make good side money and you get to keep all the tips while you are getting paid to deliver the food.

17 | Become a Freelancer

Make Money as Freelancer

If you haven’t established a business yet. But you have experience in such as copywriting, blogging, designing logos and more. Fiverr is a great place to showcase your skill and to hustle for extra money. They offer a wide range of services for everyone who needs them.

Although if you want to jumpstart your services, then you should try in Blogging and Designing logos as both are extremely popular and can bring your business the attention it needs. In case, if you are wondering it is possible to make 6-figures off Fiverr.

It is possible, but you will have to attract a lot of positive reviews and position yourself as most demanded to keep a steady growth of revenue. But do not just limit yourself to Fiverr only, Upwork is another excellent freelancer agency involving a wide range of services like construction, copywriting and even real estate photography jobs.

Plus, you get to do it on your own time and customize the schedule. More power to you.

18 | Give Lessons

Online Tutoring Jobs

One of the oldest and easiest way to make extra money. If you are an expert in Chess or know math stuff like Calculus, you can become a tutor and train the person. Better yet, you can just earn money by tutoring online.

Tutor Jobs Online is paying everyone who registers to become a tutor and teach their clients, assisting them with problems and developing new strategies. Also, they get over 150,000 jobs every month and it is still growing fast.

There will be always jobs available for anyone to tutor for quick side money. So if you have a skill or knowledge, Tutor Jobs Online is a great way to make money without having to go out and meet people in person.

19 | Sell Your Body

Sell your money legally

This is easy and totally legit ways you can hustle for extra money. As weird as it does sounds, some mother donate their breast milk for extra money. Moms who is selling their breast milk can easily earn $20 to $30 a day.

For guys, they can donate their sperms to the sperm banks. Although, sperm banks have a very strict qualifications on who is eligible to become a sperm donor. You must be tall, educated, young and in good physical shape to become a sperm donor.

Donating your sperm can easily net you between $1,000 to $1,500 a month, depending on the local market. Although if these two options sounds too invasive for you. Some people opt’ed to donate their blood plasma for extra money. People who donates their blood plasma get paid between $20 to $50 every time.

You can visit our article for more legit ways you can make money selling your body.

20 | Cuddle For Cash

Get paid to cuddle

You can get paid for cuddling, seriously. However, this is often stigmatized as people had gone as far to label it a prostitution business. Regardless, you still can make good cash by having a cuddle session with clients who needs it.

CuddleComfort is the leading cuddle industry that will teach you how to become a professional cuddlier. 85% of the session cost, you keep. The other 15% goes to the company. Alternatively, you can try and register at local cuddle business and see if they have an open position for you to work as a professional cuddlier.

This profession gets you paid around $80 an hour to three hours depending on the session. If it is anything, you get paid to hug your client. Sounds like an easy and simple job to make side money.

21 | Get Paid to Write Online

Get paid to write online

If you want to enjoy a good life and live in the comfort of your own home while making over $3,000 a month. The Writing Online is paying you at least $50 per article. You also will have the opporunity to make between $30 to $120 an hour, depending on your writing skill.

Plus, you can get paid big time for writing a short eBook. The Writing Online has a lot of clients looking for writers to write articles for their websites, blogs and even newspaper. There are plenty of high-paying clients that pays you well.

The Writing Online offers you 7 days free trial for you to experience it first hand and see if it is feasible for you. If you ever want to be able to live comfortable and travel remotely without having to work in one place. This is really a great way to make extra side money.

22 | Make Cash off Slogans

Get paid to write slogans and make money

Did you know that you actually can make cash off creating slogans? The slogan seller is a brand new and very hot micro niche that can easily rake you in as close as $3,000 a month just for selling slogans.

If you are creative and you love to play around with words. Becoming a slogan seller could be your next step to making money anywhere you go. Beside, everyone wants to have catchy slogans that gets their audience attention and you can capitalize on it.

The slogan seller will teach you how to create slogans that you can upload and sell it like hot cookies. Head over here and check it out for yourself.

23 | Get Paid to Drive

Get paid to drive brand new car

Do you want to get a car for free and get paid to drive at same time? Most of you will think it is a pipeline dream, but this company is actually looking for people who can drive the car around with advertisement banners on it.

You get paid to drive around the car, while promoting the company’s brand on your car. These same sponsoring companies will pay you hundreds of dollars just to have it placed on the car.

The only exception is that you just have to pay for the gas. If you travel around a lot and need a car, then you might want to get advantage of this opportunity to make extra money. Head over here and see their offers.

24 | Craft Items

Craft items and sell for money

Assembling and crafting handmade items sells like hot pancake. The Work at Home Assemble teaches you how to build crafts that people will buy. You only need to purchase home products and post your finished work on the marketplace like Etsy.

The Work at Home Assembly also includes the money making guide to teach you how to earn at least $500 to $600 a week. No matter what kind of crafts you enjoy to make such as jewelry, scarves, oven mittens or wood toys.

Any home products will make you money. Learn how you can start making a profitable business off crafting and assembly items with the Work at Home Assembly resources.

25 | Become An Affiliate Marketer

Make money as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most favorable method for all merchants. If you ever want to grow a profitable affiliate marketing website while you make money passively. John Crestani of Super Affiliate Marketing is offering free training courses to teach you how to start making money online.

We also recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the to-go affiliate marketing training platform. You even can make money within Wealthy Affiliate by writing blogs on it and link for your training guides and tips. Although, it is only available to premium members.

For a limited time only, you can become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate for only $19 the first month. I have experienced Wealthy Affiliate and I would say it is a very good training platform to learn how to make money online. You can also read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

The Super Affiliate Marketing is also a great choice that introduces you to affiliate marketing for free. Head over here and see how you can become an affiliate marketer today.

26 | Trade on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Make Money

Trading on cryptocurrency market doesn’t have to be that hard. I recently stumbled upon Crypto Trend Rider which claims to be the most intelligent trading solution for all of your cryptocurrency. I have never tried it before, but have experienced a similar trading solution to Crypto Trend Rider.

From what I observed, Crypto Trend Rider seems to be a legit marketing platform that almost guarantees you will get at least 2% more return on investments. It even includes advanced features like signals, market trend detector and the like to help you forecast the market trend.

At first impression, it looks almost too good to be true. But Crypto Trend Rider is actually a legit trading solution for cryptocurrency. They have supporters that backs up and verify that their trading program works for all the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherum and Ripple. Head over here to check it out.

27 | Become a Repair Expert

Become a Repair Expert

Do you love to tinker around with electronic gadgets like cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles? If you do, then you can learn how to become a repair expert and be your own boss of the business. This repair services company is providing training guides to teach you how to repair electronic stuff.

And with growing number of drones in the industry, it is bounded that there will be more drone pilots who crash their quadcopters. This is a great opportunity to learn how to repair the motherboard and getting the proper equipment to fix it like brand new. These repairs can easily go for $150 to $300 which is extremely profitable.

Join the fastest growing industry and start making by learning how to become a repair expert and run your own business.

28 | Make Profit on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

Believe it or not, you actually can make money on Instagram by selling your pictures, offering services and more. If you have huge followers, you can become an influencer and charge those who wants to promote on your posts for a small fee.

But if you are serious about making profit, the Profinstagram is teaching you how to make at least $15,000 a month by promoting other people’s pictures and sharing around. One artist actually made $90,000 a month by selling picture that doesn’t belong to him.

While it can be quite a sticky issue involving ownership and rights, Profinstagram teaches you how to become a successful instagramer with just pictures and services. It also teaches you how to avoid legal issues such as copyright. Before you start doing this, it is important that you check Profinstagram out and learn how to do it the right way while you make money overnight.

29 | Rent Your Car

Rent Your Car for Money

If you have at least extra car or two lying around that you don’t need. Instead of selling it to a car dealership, a smart investment to do is rent your car. Turo, a “Rent-Your-Car” company is always looking for people who can rent their car.

While you rent your car, you get money every time someone uses it. Although, it comes with some risks since you are renting your car. Which means Turo “owns” it and you can’t control who people can use it or not. If you want to keep your car smoker-free, you are out of luck.

Obviously, it is not ideal for some of you who want to rent their car for extra money. But if you have used cars that you don’t really car about anymore. Then rent it away and watch the cash flowing to you passively.

30 | Build an Automated Income

Passive Income

Do you want to build an automated income without having to go to your 9-5 day jobs? ClickBank University is teaching new affiliates, publishers and marketers how to make 6 to 8 figures a year passively.

It is one of the most comprehensive, 8 week training course to help you get started with your own money making website. Important features such as live events, closely-knitted community and more. Since ClickBank was created, they had succeed in making 1,000 millionaires already!

If you are that type of person who have burning passion to become successful and grow rich. ClickBank University is the perfect training course to teach you how to sell your product, promote and make money off advertisements. Join ClickBank University and get 8 week training course how to build profitable money-making products.

ByKeith Ericksen

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

Having posts that converts well is one of the most important thing when it comes to creating a successful and profitable affiliate marketing website. And you might be well surprised to learn how small parts of your website can have an impact on the conversion rate. Which is why I decided to write an article to share these 7 affiliate marketing tips to help you improve the conversion rate.

According to statistics, a healthy conversion rate is normally between 2% to 3%. If you attract 1,000 visitors monthly, you will probably convert around 20 to 30 them into buyers. Ideally, you want to generate a conversion rate at least 5% or higher. But it can be very hard to do so.

To build lucrative affiliate marketing website, you will need to be able to attract large traffic in order to increase conversion rate and bring in revenue stream. If you have some of your posts making low conversion rate under 1%. The chance is very good that you can work on your posts and optimize it to improve the conversion rate.

In this article, I am going to share 7 affiliate marketing tips with you how to improve your blog conversion rate. Read below to learn more what you can do to improve the conversion rate.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

1 | Use Bright Colors

The psychology behind the colors is actually quite interesting as it has an impact on the conversion rate. For instance, red represents danger, blood and powerful. Its color accent can be quite powerful element to use on your website pages. It entices your readers to do something on impulses

Blue color on the other hand represents serenity, peace and trust. It helps establishes relationship with customers who are looking for reliable websites. Blue color is typically used by financial banks and insurance companies.

According to this article, red color is 33% more likely to generate higher conversion rate compared to yellow which has a conversion rate of 13%. Although, there is a certain line that limits how much you should use one color. For instance, if your theme color is read and the buttons is red too. Your readers might be overwhelmed by similar colors.

Instead, if your theme is red then your button should be a different color in contrast to the theme. For instance, your buttons can be green. It helps the buttons stand out when the visitors reads your posts.

2 | Talk About Product, Not About Your Life

Readers comes to your webpages because they are looking for information about certain products. If you are going to talk about your lifestyle in the product reviews. It will not help you generate high conversion rate.

Readers will eventually end up leaving to a different webpage that offers necessary information about the products. If you are going to promote products on your posts, then you need to talk about it. Explain what the product does, use attention grabbers and keep it straightforward.

3 | Be Upfront

Ever seen some of affiliate marketing websites that plasters affiliate disclosure policy on every posts? Disclosing to your readers that some of the links are affiliated isn’t a bad thing. In fact, you should use your disclosure policy as a selling point why your visitors should trust you.

Running an affiliate marketing website is a business, and you want to be upfront to your readers by letting them know that you earn money for referral links at no addition cost to them. Trust plays an important role in increasing your conversion rate. Wait and watch.

4 | Use Links

Another important affiliate marketing tip is building links and take advantage of deep linking the products you are talking to the product page. You want to link the product that encourage the readers to check it out after reading your articles.

Furthermore, you also can use links to promote similar products to upsell to your audience. Typically, bloggers includes review articles with “see price” next to the products. The links can be very powerful tool to increase your conversion rate.

5 | Speed is The King

Did you know that the speed of your website pages have an impact on the conversion rate? According to this article, your conversion rate grows by 1% from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. Majority of the visitors expects the website to load under 2 seconds.

If your website speed is not optimized, you are missing out on an easy and simple way to boost your conversion rate. The faster website loads, the merrier you and your visitors will be. We recommend Siteground as your to-go web hosting service provider. Read our review to find out why Siteground is a great web hosting service provider.

6 | Create Compelling Call to Action Buttons

Nobody is going to want to click on the button that says, “Buy The Product.” If you want to make a compelling call to action buttons, you need to make it sounds not too salesy. A simple word change from Purchase Now to Buy Now can have an impact on your conversion rate.

Call to action involves action words like now, check, see, click, visit and more that encourage your readers to get lead to the page where you want them to be at. The simpler and compelling call to action words are, the higher conversion rate your articles will be.

7 | Engage Your Audience

This is one of the most underused method to increase your conversion rate. You will need to build an audience that actively engages your content and interact with you. This can be an extremely effective way to improve your conversion rate because it build trust.

The more trust your audience has in your website, the higher conversion rate you will. Do not be scared to engage your audience. If someone asks questions or just to drop comments, use it as an opportunity to interact with them and learn more about your readers.

Take advantage of these 7 affiliate marketing tips to improve your conversion rate. You would be surprised to see how small the changes can have an impact on the conversion rate. I will be continuing to update the affiliate marketing tips and include latest strategy. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest changes to maximize your affiliate marketing potential.

ByKeith Ericksen

Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners: The Guide to Become An Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate for beginners. If you have came here to learn how you can become an affiliate marketer. Then stay and read because you have arrived to the right place. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing training platform with more than +1,000,000 active members.

In fact, it is easy to become an affiliate marketer following our monster guide on how to affiliate marketing 101. All you need is a good hosting plan (we recommend either Siteground or Wealthy Affiliate), a domain (get it on Namecheap or Wealthy Affiliate) and have WordPress installed on your website.

Wealthy Affiliate brings a whole lot of benefits for both starter and premium members. Read more here to find out what perks you get with free account and what you will get if you become a premium member.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to use Wealthy Affiliate. The goal of this post is to show you how Wealthy Affiliate for beginners can be an useful tool to first timer affiliate marketers. Whether you are an experienced or new affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is geared to suit all levels. Read more to find our how you can become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Step 1 | Create An Account

First and foremost if you want to be able to promote your website and share success stories. You need to create an account at Wealthy Affiliate. All free starter accounts gets a 7 days access to Premium Membership that lets you taste what it is like having Premium Membership perks.

Once you create an account at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the ability to view training course and learn how to become an affiliate marketer. With 7 days premium membership, you also will be able to interact with your mentors and peers.

As an active member of Wealthy Member, it is very hard to fail because you will have +1,000,000 members behind you. There are stories where some affiliate marketers struggle to grow who eventually turn into a success thanks to generous support from the community.

Step 2 | Introduce Yourself

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where talking about money might turn off some of your friends. It is completely fine and safe to introduce yourself on Wealthy Affiliate. All the people who are member of Wealthy Affiliate are in because they want to make money, and so do you too.

You can set your own goals and expectations how much money you want to make as an affiliate marketer. How much you will earn will depend entirely on you and how well you deliver the content. Introducing yourself is one of the easiest and powerful way to start your own profitable affiliate marketing website within Wealthy Affiliate.

Every number do count in the long run.

Step 3 | Build A Network

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, networking with other active members is very important. If you want your content to be seen, you need to develop a network with other people who have common interests with you. But also someone who you can follow and learn from them.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own unique networking system just like Facebook and Twitter. You follow a person and their content is prioritized for you to read and learn. My advice to those who are new to Wealthy Affiliate is to network with people around the same as you.

Then connect with some experienced peers and ask them to be your mentors as well. Another way you can do to build a network is commenting on other people’s post. Provide support, insight and more can easily rake in few more people to your ever-growing network.

Your ranking determines on how big your network system is, the number of posts and how far you can tap into the Wealthy Affiliate community. Writing tips and tutorials is one of the easiest way to attract new people. So there are always at least few ways you can do to build your own inside network.

Step 4 | Write Engaging Stories

The members of Wealthy Affiliate loves to hear success stories. It can be sad, inspiring, plot-twisting or plain success stories. When you are affiliate marketing for the first time, do not be disheartened by how long it will take. It is normal for affiliate marketers to see their first sale within 3 to 6 months.

On some rare cases, it took few affiliate marketers at least one year before they see their first sale. Depending on how well you perform with your affiliate marketing website. Most typical success story is affiliate marketing making their first sale.

Writing an engaging story can be very easy to generate traffic within your network and bring new traffic over to your website. Often of the time, these stories can motivate other people to do better and it can inspire you to continue work on your affiliate marketing skill. It is a great way to remind you to check your goals and see what is done.

Step 5 | Become a Premium Member

Once you have attracted enough people to your network and generate a sustainable level of passive income. It is time to upgrade your account to Premium membership and unlock all the extensive features that it brings to the table. Wealthy Affiliate is running a special discount for limited time only, first time premium member only pays $19 for the first month.

If you want to host your website and domain at Wealthy Affiliate, premium members gets the ability to host up to 25 websites at the same time. Plus they get all of additional features like website security, built-in plagiarism checker, copy-writing and access to over +1,000,000 free images to use.

You can compare the perks between freemium vs premium membership here. Although becoming a premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate not only gives you the ability to host websites and peace of mind when it comes to protecting against hackers, spammers and malware activity.

Being a premium member also gives you countless of benefits. For instance, interacting with your mentors and peers. Posting your own blog on the site. And of course, you can make money off the posts on Wealthy Affiliate. Afterall, it is about making money, right?

Once you experience Wealthy Affiliate and trialed for 7 days. You can decide if you want to take advantage of their amazing resources and content-rich tutorials to grow and become a successful affiliate marketer. Many affiliate marketers became successful thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. If you even want to quit your day job, then Wealthy Affiliate can help you make it a reality. You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners

During your first few steps, it will be extremely important to develop a network fast. This will give you a headstart advantage in generating traffic and getting all the help you need. As well the access to training courses, online classroom and of course interacting with the active members of Wealthy Affiliate.

The rest of it will fall in together as you continue to build your own online real estate empire. For the most part of driving the traffic, networking is your important tool. If you want to be able to share your content and reach as many people as you want. Then you need to connect to people, interact with them and expand your network to include them.

If you have never affiliate market before. Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect affiliate marketing training platform for all levels. It is content-rich, detailed, user-friendly and most importantly, it is cheaper than its competitors who charge $150 to $200 a month.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try and see for yourself. You will understand why it is one of the best affiliate marketing training platform for everyone.

ByKeith Ericksen

Twitter vs Facebook: Which Social Media To Build Your Brand?

More than 2.23 billion users visit Facebook every month, according to this statistics. On the other hand, Twitter has an active number of 335 million users every month. The potential reach to drive social media to your website by tapping Facebook and Twitter is huge. Although, you might be wondering which social media you should use to build your brand. Twitter vs Facebook is a hot topic that is debated frequently.

Twitter and Facebook has their own advantages and disadvantage when it comes to building and establishing your own brand. Social medias can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it properly. Almost all major brands and companies you visit will have their own Twitter or Facebook that you can follow to stay in touch with their latest news.

But for new businesses who are just starting off. Choosing Twitter vs Facebook can be quite a challenging pick. If you are starting off, I highly recommend that you focus on one social media platform and focus all of your marketing effort. Once you have a sizable amount of audience, you can slowly introduce your second social media and have your audience like them too.

In this article, I will talk about Twitter vs Facebook and which social media you should use to build your brand. I also include few resources and tips that you can take advantage to build your audience organically and effectively. Read more to learn which social media is best fit for your brands.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Audience Building

Audience Building

One of the most crucial part for all brands is building your audience. Without an audience, you can’t drive the traffic from social medias to your website. Twitter, in fact, is the easiest social media to start building your audience.

You simply create a brand account and start following people. These people who you followed will follow you back which makes it really easy to build if both of you have common interests. You even do not need to go around and invite them to like your account. If the person you followed sees your content and likes it, they will follow you back.

Facebook, on the other hand is slightly harder to build an audience. Because it involves you inviting your families and friends to like your page. It can be especially hard if you prefer to keep your business away from your focus circle.

Building an organic audience on Facebook is hard since majority of your growth will be focused on sharing the content and you certainly do not want to share on your personal page… because that would come out as self-promotional and that might turn off some of your friends.

Since Facebook changed how their audience building works, Twitter remains as one of the easiest way to build an audience. Plus, if you have a large audience on Twitter, you can easily introduce another social media profile of yours and ask them to like it. This is called, “cross social platform” when it involves promoting your content on both social medias.

Winner: Twitter

Attention Span

Attention Span

Another major factor that plays role in Twitter vs Facebook is the attention span. Twitter has the shortest attention span because there are millions and millions of tweets happening everyday. An average 500 million tweets are send out every day. Imagine this how much you will get as an average Twitter user.

In fact, for small business and new accounts if they want to grow. They will have to tweet an average 3 to 7 every day. Although, there are some brands that has gone as far as tweeting 15 to 20 times a day. Because the attention span on the Twitter is very short due to constant barrage, you will have to be proactive and tweet multiple time in order to get seen.

Facebook have a distinct advantage over Twitter in terms of attention span. The ideal number of sharing your content on the Facebook is once a day. But, some businesses do make posts up to three times a day.

Because the attention span on Facebook is much longer compared to Twitter, it is strongly recommended that you schedule your posts and optimize your posts. If you post too much, it might overwhelm the users’ feed and they might unfollow your page in response.

Winner: Facebook

Profile Builder

Profile Builder

Having a strong profile with all information for your audience to learn about is absolutely must-have. On Twitter, you only have picture for profile and cover as well a short biography about who you are. Nothing special. If you are offering services, you will have to promote it to your audience.

On Facebook, they offer a business page that can let you build your own profile such as services, contact information, location and more. This is done to help increase your audience’s trust toward you. Having a strong, reliable and completed profile business page plays an important role in establishing relationship with your audience.

Your audience’s trust on Twitter is generally less. But they often perceives if you are trustworthy or not based on your content and biography. Even though so, your options to grow and expand business by including services and more on Twitter is limited.

And did I mention that if you own an e-Commerce website, you can set your own shop on Facebook? That’s right, you have more options to build your business profile page on Facebook as opposed to Twitter.

Winner: Facebook

Content Sharing

Content Sharing

One of the key when it comes to promoting your content whether you are an affiliate marketer, e-Commerce owner or dropshipper. You want to make your content shareable for everyone to read. If you are just starting off, you might find it a little bit hard to have your content shared on Facebook.

Because those who likes your page the first will be your friends and family. Getting your content out for others people to read strongly depends on your audience and whether it is shareable. If you are going to talk about products and promote it to your audience. It probably won’t get shared as often as you would have hope.

But, if you write content that teaches your audience such as guide and tips, then your audience might share it if it is really good. I find that it is really easy to share your content on Twitter because of the potential reach is very prolific.

Anytime when one of your posts gets retweeted or liked, the content gets shared to their followers. You can post as much content as you want and with big follower size, you can guarantee every of your content posts will get at least a like or retweet.

Winner: Twitter

Twitter vs Facebook: Which One Is Best?

Twitter vs Facebook Which One Is Best

We know that every social medias have their own advantages and disadvantages. In an ideal world, if you really want to maximize your traffic from social medias, then you will have an account for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+ and more. The more you push your content to different social medias, the more you are going to generate traffic.

However, like I said before if you do not have any followers on one of your social media account. Then you won’t get any traffic from that social media platform. Having an audience is especially important in building your brand and promoting your content.

I created a Twitter account for this website around 7 days ago and it is almost up to 1,000 followers organically, thanks to social media strategy guide on how to build your audience without using paid programs.

Again, it depends on how well you are established. On Facebook, if you have a lot of friends already and you know them. You will quickly build a sizable audience of people who are genuine curious and wants to watch you grow over the time.

Twitter on the other hand is perfect for brand new business to grow. You do not even have to share with your friends or family about your new business and can start building an audience with similar interests. When you have an audience that is big enough, you can promote your other social media profile on different platform to expand your reach and generate more traffic.

If you were to ask me which social media platform is the best for starting your own brand. I would say Twitter because it is so easy to do it. Facebook tends to be skeptical and harder to build an audience without forcing you to make friends with people you do not know and inviting them to like your page.

ByKeith Ericksen

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Most Favorable Method of Marketing

Today, affiliate marketing is most favorable method of marketing following by paid marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing is highly favorable by the merchants who doesn’t have to do the work of promoting the items themselves. As an affiliate marketers, there are a lot of benefits for those affiliate and merchants in terms of generating profit.

Much of these affiliate marketing contribution to the merchants’ success depends on how much a company is paying them commissions for every sale they make. Another factor is the length of cookie duration. The more lucrative these companies offer to their affiliate, the more affiliates they are going to promote their items within short time frame.

In fact, it only takes a domain, web hosting plan and WordPress to promote products on your website. It can be done with both popular platforms: Siteground and Wealthy Affiliate.

In this article, I will talk about why affiliate marketing is most favorable method of marketing out of all forms such as paid marketing, social marketing and advertising. You would be surprised to learn how popular affiliate marketing is these days.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Web Hosting

1 | It Doesn’t Cost Anything

Affiliate marketing is most favorable and free marketing for merchants. It doesn’t cost them anything to have an affiliate sign up and promote their products on blogs. Merchants love it and they like having free advertising because the affiliates are doing all the work for them.

But in order for merchants to become successful, they need to be able to offer lucrative deals to affiliates. If the deals isn’t good enough or too low, affiliates will either turn them down, replace them with other merchant that offers better deals or stop working with them altogether.

The partnership between affiliate and merchants is especially important if both want to become successful. All of the products are sold to the customers at no added price. So part of the commission from the sale goes to affiliate as reward for their product promotion. While the merchants gets to keep some of the profit too.

In exchange, building an affiliate marketing website can be profitable.


2 | More Reliable Than Lead Generation

Some companies chose to use lead generation as a form of advertisement to bring customers to their website. This method is known as Cost Per Click (CPC) which pays affiliates everytime visitors clicks on their referral links. It can cost advertisers between $0.20 to $0.55 per click.

Although, companies have slowly turn away from CPC to affiliate marketing because it is more reliable. Affiliate marketers and the companies only earn profit for every sale a customer purchase on their website. This method allows the companies to offer lucrative deals to affiliates as high as 50% commission rate.

Whereas the CPC model encourages the companies to lower their commission rate, and the number of sales they make entirely depends on how much traffic a website gets every month. This method is also risky compared to Cost Per Sale (CPS) model. Thus, affiliate marketing using th CPS model is reliable and popular form of free marketing.

3 | Less Work

It is true that affiliate marketing doesn’t involves a lot of work. Affiliate marketers simply have to insert the companies’ products and build the content to ensure it is optimized for the search engines. Most of the revenue depends on how much traffic affiliate marketers can bring to their website.

Another main factor also depends on how well the affiliate marketers can convert customers into buyers. While the companies do not have to work for marketing purposes, the affiliate marketers have to maintain and keep their product articles optimized.

Luckily enough, a well optimized article that can bring a lot of traffic can be an easy way to make profit. If you are an affiliate marketer that is capable of producing optimized articles and ranks very high in the search engines. It is possible to earn at least hundreds or even thousands every month for having your articles in the top 5 position.

Optimizing your articles for search engine is rather an easy job. However, the free plugins won’t make the cut alone. Which is why I recommend these top three best SEO service providers to enhance your website ranking and generate traffic.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

As I recently mentioned to you about why affiliate marketing is most favorable way to make money for affiliate marketers. It is also one of the longest way to make money if you were to replace your day jobs. I want to reiterate that affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich scheme because that is not how it works.

To rank your articles high on the search engines takes time which means you need to add new content, ensuring that the websites is optimized and see how your contender are ranking their keywords so that you can overtake them. If you aren’t sure where to start affiliate marketing your website, you can read my five easy step to start affiliate marketing.

Also you can read my +7,000 words monster guide about affiliate marketing tutorial 101 and another article how to build a successful and profitable affiliate marketing website. As a first timer affiliate marketer, it can be very easy to get lost if you do not have an idea how to do that.

Web HostingI highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for first time affiliate marketers. It is an online affiliate marketing training platform designed to help all people who are interested in making money passively. They are also one of the most successful training program with more than +1,000,000 active members.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is very hard to fail. There are always mentors and peers who are always there to help you and encourage you to become successful. You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works. Plus, they are running special promotion discount for premium membership for only $19 the first month.

What Do You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing

There are only three ingredients you need to start your own affiliate marketing. Luckily, they are not so hard to get. You will only need a domain, a good hosting service provider and a WordPress. I recommend Siteground as both your domain and hosting service provider. They are also one of the best hosting service provider due to bundled hosting plans. You can read my in-depth review about Siteground.

However, if the price tag scares you off a bit. I recommend that you get your domain at Namecheap. Then register for a hosting plan at Siteground. And have the nameservers pointed to your domain at Namecheap. If you do not know how to do it, customer support service will assist you.

If you are unsure of what to pay monthly or yearly for a hosting plan at Siteground. This article will help you make a smart decision regarding to financial expenditures for your website needs. Alternatively, you can register for a website and domain on Wealthy Affiliate bundled with premium membership.

ByKeith Ericksen

Wealthy Affiliate Freemium vs Premium: Is Membership Worth The Money?

Today, Wealthy Affiliate is a huge affiliate training platform home to over +1,000,000 active premium members. As a first timer, you might be wondering what are the advantages you get with a freemium starter account vs premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate can work good for you and teach how to make a long-term stable income. In fact, freemium vs premium membership is a hotly debated topic.

If you were wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate is a honest affiliate training platform, you would be surprised to learn how it has one of the largest community compared to its competitors. And did you know that Wealthy Affiliate attracts around 500,000 to 600,000 visitors monthly? Big community.

Like many other businesses, there are advantages between a starter Wealthy Affiliate account vs premium membership. In this article, I will talk about freemium vs premium membership. You will learn whether it is worth the money to have a premium membership or not.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Freemium Starter Account

Wealthy Affiliate offers visitors the opportunity to create a free account. With a 7 days of premium access to taste the features and perks that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer such as training courses, interacting with your mentors, peers and of course the ability to publish your own posts on the platform.

Your perks is rather limited with free Wealthy Affiliate starter account. But, you will still have the access to learn and review the first part of bootcamp training course. The main features you will have with a starter account will include:

  • First part of Bootcamp Training Course
  • Ability to read others blog posts and guide.
  • Ability to like others blog posts and guide.
  • Create up to two free websites on SiteRubix (albeit, unreliable choice for affiliate marketing sites)
  • 24/7/365 Support Center
  • Promote affiliate links and earn up to 25% commission rate.

Although there is not a lot of things you can do with a freemium starter account. It is great for anyone who is still learning how to affiliate marketing and simply want to taste what it is like to be a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Most of the features and perks are locked behind Premium membership that offers you way more than you will imagine.

Premium Membership Account

Wealthy Affiliate is running a special discount which you can pay $19 for premium membership the first month. After that, it will cost you $49 per month. But the perks and benefits you get as a premium member is beyond its price value.

In fact, it is almost too hard to fail as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate because you are getting all the resources and help you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. Basically, it is filled with a boatload of tools to enhance your websites performance, creating beautiful content and more. As a premium member you get these benefits:

  • Ability to create and build up to 25 websites.
  • Ability to create and build up to 25 WordPress
  • SiteProtection to keep your websites protected from hackers and spammers.
  • SiteContent to enhance your websites performance by making it lighting fast and smooth.
  • Comes with built-in plagarism checker for spelling, grammars and errors, ensuring all of your content is unique.
  • Ability to post blogs and comment on other people’s posts.
  • Abiility to make money off your blog posts on Wealthy Affiliate
  • Earn up to 50% commission off your referral links
  • Live Chat for support, tips, guides, advice, 24/7/365 all time, all day long.
  • Access to Online Classroom
  • Access to Video Training Courses
  • Earn Online Entrepreneur certificate through training course.

There are just way more than what I said. These features and perks that premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate brings to the table is just the only tip of iceberg. Not only it helps you become an effective and successful affiliate marketer, it presents you the opporunity to make money on Wealthy Affiliate after being a premium member for three month.

With more than 500,000 visitors coming to Wealthy Affiliate every month. You can easily make money by creating simple, informative articles to generate attention and monetize it with your affiliate links.

Freemium or Premium Membership?

When it comes to freemium vs premium, there are a lot of benefits for premium members. You still can make money and access to a limited part of the training course. However, if you truly want to experience Wealthy Affiliate to its fullest.

Premium membership allows you to get all the information that you need at low cost compared to other affiliate training platforms. The pace is entirely up to you. How fast you want to work and how much you are willing to invest into building your own profitable affiliate marketing website.

In the end, premium membership is worth the money. Mainly for affiliate marketers who are interested in building lucrative and long-term affiliate websites. Like I said previously, it is hard to fail as a Wealthy Affiliate member. With guided support and tips from your mentors and peers, it is likely you will see your first sale within the first few months.

Because of Wealthy Affiliate community “pay-it-forward” mentality helps new affiliate marketers the opportunity to grow. While experienced affiliate marketers also learn new things from other affiliate marketers which brings the community closer together. I hope you find my article helpful and insightful. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

ByKeith Ericksen

How To Start A Profitable Worm Business With A Starter Kit

Worm farming is one of the fewest opportunities that is environmentally friendly while it is possible to earn substantial income in the process. There are not a lot of competition in the worm farming business, mainly because it is seen as a hobby than an actual career. In fact, worm business niche is very tiny.

People simply raise worms and ship them to bait shops for fishing. However, with environment issues being the main focus on global scale, worm farming is becoming popular. More and more legitimate business like gardeners who needs worms to nurture their crops. Plus, the worms is a very edible food that can address food shortage easily.

Running a worm business is fairly easy and doesn’t require a lot of your attention, aside from times you will have to add food and ensuring that the temperature is well regulated. Worms multiple every 90 days which can be quite lucrative business if you have a lot of worms for sale.

Starting your own profitable worm business is super easy with very small start up costs. You will not have to spend more than $100 to $150 for all equipment to start raising worms for quick and easy profit. In fact, you do not have to go out and hunt for worms. It is obvious you can make good money collecting in their natural environment.

However if you want to grow worms and make steady income between $1,000 to $1,500 a month just taking care of worms and shipping them to bait shops. Then read more to find out how you can start a profitable worm business.

The Money Creator Single Post Affiliate Disclosure WarningAffiliate Disclosure: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means we will earn commissions for our work at no additional charge to you. At least, that is what honest Uncle Sam would have done too! Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Dig for Slimy Creatures

When I was a child, I always dig around the ground for worms. And I am sure most of you did the same thing. Worms are especially very populous when there is rotting organic matter, like grass clippings or old piles of leaves.

Pluck Them Off The Pavement

After raining also is another effective way to collect earthworms. It is natural for worms to come out of the soil during rainy days. Because of the sound impact that the raindrops makes vibration which tells the worms to get out in order to avoid being eaten by moles. So if you do not like to get dirt under your fingernails, then you can collect worms after a rainy day.

Buy Worm Farming Starter Package

Or if you do not want to do the hard work of having to buy temperature regulator, container, etc. This startup company is selling worm farming starter kit for anyone who is interested in starting their own worm farming business.

It comes with detailed guide how to take care of worms and equipment to build a hyper-profitable worm farming business. Plus, it comes with starter worm package to help you build your own worm farming business right away.

Prepare Batch of Worms and Sell

It is important that you keep the worms in loose soil and pack them by the pound when you are ready to sell them. Bedding materials like damped newspaper, cardboard and yard waste are excellent for storage and transportation purpose.

Most types of containers will do just if you sell these worms in person at local fishing stores. Even door-to-door gardeners. For instance, a case of 1,000 foams and a case of lids to fit them will set you back around $100 on Amazon. Which is 10 cent per. It isn’t that bad if you charge $1.50 for a dozen worms. If you do, be sure to punch holes in the lids for oxygen.

Although, you can sell worms online and have them shipped directly to your customers. You will have to purchase boxes for it. It is highly recommended to ship your product using U.S Postal Service because they have a good reputation for delivering worms alive and safely. Plus, UPS and Federal Express has a requirement that you become a certified shipper.

How Much Money Can Your Make Selling Worms?

It all depends on the type of worms, size and market price. Currently, these red worms sell at $15 for 300 a bucket. Although, night crawlers from family operations sells very well at around $30 to $32 a pound. You will sell about 350 to 400 night crawlers a pound. These worms is valued at $0.10 each if you sell them in bulk at retail.

Although, fishing stores tends to pay more. They usually fetch between $1.50 to $2.00 per dozen. If you were to sell 360 night crawlers, you will easily earn around $30 to $35. Furthermore, you can wholesale bulks of worms to sports department in retails like Walmart who usually purchase from local suppliers.

The most obvious wholesale market is the bait shops. You also can sell the worms to pet stores who houses worm-eating animals and food industries.

If you want to start your own worm business, it will take at least few months before you will enter a sustainable business model. Which means you will need at least few thousand of worms to generate profit. Worms grows and multiple every 90 days. If you were to start with 500 worms, in one year, you will have at least 8,000 worms with a potential profit margin of $800 to $900 a month.

And you do not have to do any kind of hard work. You simply have to maintain the temperature and keep the bedding moist. Also you need to feed the worms once in a while. But the rest of the job is pretty much a waiting game until you have enough worms to sell.

In the end, starting your own worm farming business can be extremely profitable if you know your market well enough. Because it is very easy to make money selling the worms, the competition is very tiny that makes it a very profitable and lucrative business.

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