How to Choose The Right Web Hosting Plan at Siteground For Beginners

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How to Choose The Right Web Hosting Plan at Siteground For Beginners

Choosing the right web hosting plan for your website needs can be quite an important factor in deciding how much money you want to spend. But also the perks and benefits of selecting a hosting plan for all your website needs like protections, speed and more.

Typically, you will want to have the best hosting plan at an affordable price that you can grow with over the time. As your website attracts thousand visitors daily. You want to expand beyond your old hosting plan to support the ever-growing traffic.

Siteground is a relatively new hosting service provider that has earned reputation for its excellent customer support and amazing perks. It is one of the fastest growing with more than 4 datacenters across the world. As a siteground customer, I only recommend these initial hosting plans for your new money making websites.

In this article, I will help you how to choose the right web hosting plan for you first website. I will provide the benefits and disadvantage that each plan brings. Finally, I will show you which one is the best for beginners.

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Why Choose Siteground?

As you can see that I promote Siteground almost in every posts because they are the best web hosting service provider. You can read more about why you should choose Siteground as your hosting service provider article.

They have superior customer service, speed, protections and of course a wide set of perks that you do not get at other web hosting service provider. Since I switched from HostGator to Siteground, I found myself to be very happy with their services.

Their price, arguable is one of most expensive for monthly. But if you choose the discount price plan, you can save up to 60% on annual bill. You can click here to save 60% off any hosting plans of your choice.

Their price on annual basis puts on par or least expensive plans to go with compared to other major brand hosting service providers like BlueHost and HostGator. It is also one of the most competitve price.

Which is why I will help guide you through this article so that you can choose the right hosting plan for your website needs. Most importantly, you will want to make sure that the hosting plan you choose will grow with you for a long time without wasting too much money on for nothing.

Hosting Plans at Siteground

Siteground offers three type of hosting plans: Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting,and Enterprise Hosting. When it comes to choosing the right hosting plan for your website, it is important that you are aware of the benefits that comes in these packages.

Web Hosting is most affordable plans for majority of websites. Whether you are just a small business owner, blogger or dropshipper selling items online. You do not need a whole lot of resources to run your website.

Cloud Hosting on the other hand is a virtual server that can be accessed remotely via the Internet. Unlike web hosting plans that runs on physical servers, the cloud hosting is delivered via cloud computing environment. They comes with slightly expensive monthly price tag.

Since we are talking about the best hosting plans for beginners only, we won’t be talking about cloud hosting in this article. However, you can read more about best cloud hosting plans to choose at Siteground.

Enterprise Hosting is best suited for large companies that attracts massive traffic every monthly such as Apple, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting plans will not be able to support large traffic due to limited data space and server size. Since there are no fixed price, you can customize your own enterprise hosting plan and choose how much you want to spend.

Now that we have briefly talked about these three hosting plans. I will discuss about the web hosting plans for beginners and how you can pick the right one for your websites. Sometimes, it can be tempting to go for the cheap plans just to save money. Or to buy expensive plans, just only to find out you don’t really need that plan at all.

Web Hosting Plans at Siteground

SiteGround Monthly Plans

Siteground offers at least three different hosting plans for beginners. As you can see they have these package priced with description what it is great for. You can see more details what these hosting plans has to offer.

Startup Package $11.95 $3.95 / Month

The most cheap and basic hosting plan to buy for beginners. This plan comes with a free SSL Certificate, Web Protection, 10GB Web Space and can support up to 10,000 visitors monthly. It is the perfect hosting plan for anyone who is just starting off.

Although, this package only can support up to 1 website which means you only can have a domain active on your account. It puts most of people who wants to have multiple domains at same time in a disadvantage position.

Unless you are thinking of picking up this plan. You will need to plan in advance how you are going to use your website for. To help you get started with your first website, please read my article how to create a successful and profitable affiliate marketing website.

Needless to say, the Startup do not make you a top priority customer at Siteground. Thus, you will be put in the slow lane for ticketed issues which can be a bit frustrating at some times. However, that is just how the market works and all other hosting service providers does the same. Except Siteground is a better choice because of bundled website protections against hackers and spammers.

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GrowBig Package $19.95 $5.95 / Month

The GrowBig is most popular hosting plan for beginners. It comes with a free SSL Certificate, Web Protection, 20GB Web Space and supports up to 25,000 visitors monthly. Plus this plan puts you in a prioritized lane for customer support.

In addition to that, the Premium features alllows you to have free website transfer, built-in Super Cacher system to improve your website speed and free daily backup restores.

You can rest at ease, knowing that you will get all the support you need for WordPress, WooCommerce and more. Plus, you can add domains as many as you want to. As long as it doesn’t caps out your allocated data space.

This plan is perfect for beginners and intermediate users who have multiple websites. A maximum of 25,000 visitors monthly is more than enough that gives you big room to grow and develop your websites over the time.

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GoGeek Package $34.95 $11.95 / Month

GoGeek is most expensive web hosting plans for beginners. Like GrowBig and Startup packages, GoGeek web hosting plan includes free SSL Certificate, web protection, 30GB web space and can support up to 100,000 visitors monthly.

The Geekly features fewer accounts on the same server. Which means less likeihood for hackers and spammers that takes up their servers. More speed and power to your websites. Additionally, you can create staging area for WordPress and Joomla. This allows you to test things out first and implement them to live with a single press of button.

GoGeek web hosting is quite very powerful and packed with a lot of juicy features that will keep you ahead of competitors. Although, it is not recommended for beginners who are starting out and has few domains. However, if you have an already established website with good amount of traffic, then you will find GoGeek an extremely useful and powerful web hosting plan.

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Which One is Best Web Hosting?

It depends on what you want. For starters and first timers, I recommend you to pick the GrowBig package. For a couple of reasons: you might want to own few more domains eventually and have plenty of room to grow.

Plus, it will put you into prioritized lane for support and you get all the features from Startup package. Although, if you are on a tight budget or you do not care about the features that GrowBig hosting plan has to offer. Then Startup web hosting plan is the perfect pick.

If you choose to be bill annually, you will get big discount for the hosting plan you choose. Which makes Siteground a much smarter choice financially and in the end, you get more perks. Plus, you do not have to worry about protections against hackers and spammer. For more information you can read this article how Siteground protects your site and view their extensive list of protection features.

You can head over to Siteground and save 60% off any hosting plans of your choice by clicking here.

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