How to Build a Money Making Website With These Three Simple Steps

ByKeith Ericksen

How to Build a Money Making Website With These Three Simple Steps

Hey there. I am talking to you. Yes you.

So you came here because you are interested in making money off Internet, am I right?

Look no further because you have came to the right site… The Money Creator site where we teach everyone how to make and grow money.

My dad once told me that the money doesn’t grow off the tree. Well, I think it is not true because in fact you actually can grow money if you put in effort. And I meant, a lot of effort.

First, there are many ways you can do to build the best money making website and I am sure there are a lot of reasons for doing that. But I am only going to show you these simple steps how you can get started with your very own money making website.

However, our only end goal is to make money with this website.

If you truly want to learn how to craft a simple, yet effective money making website, then read more because I am going to tell you how to do it.

Of course, we really can’t show you the entire money making process because it is rather time-consuming and take a long time to learn. I will write an in-depth guide how to make money off your website later on because I don’t want to add a bunch of confusing information on this article.

I will share useful resources at the end of article for you to learn how to transform your website into a real money generators.

Also, make sure you bookmark this because it is quite a long article. So as long as you are interested in starting your own money making website, you can check and read bit by bit.

So let’s get the ball rolling!

What You Need for a Money Making Website:

There are three simple things you need to start your very own money making website:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Website Builder

They all work together to create a proper website, just like millions you see on the Internet. Just only these three things!

The domain is your website address, which is quite obvious. If someone wants to visit your site, they type your website address on the url bar.

Secondly, the hosting is a service provider that stores all of your website files such as images, text and codes.

Lastly, the website builder is the heart of engine that runs everything and shows the files in a nice, fashionable visual for your readers on their computers and smartphones.

There are a lot of choices for website builders, but we only recommend you to use WordPress. It is free, versatile and absolutely easy to use that a beginner can start making money right away. Not to also mention that it has a lot of awesome things included like themes and more. Plus, you get way more choices with host service providers which I will discuss more about that later on.

The domain part is easy. You simply search for online domain service provider to register your domain. They are paid on annual basis and costs between $10 to $15. There are choices you can do when registering for a domain. You can bundle them at a hosting service provider. Or purchase them separately. It is all your choice.

If it is your first time learning how to make a money making website, the host might come across as a little “unfamiliar”.

It is fine, but hosting is quite very important because they are the backbone that keeps your website running smoothly. They are also responsible for protecting your site from hackers and also assist with any technical issues that you may have.

I will make few hosting suggestions on this page to help you get started. These price can range from $10 to $50 a month, depending on your preferred plans.

Making Hosting Choices

If you are interested in creating your own website and learn how to make monkey from your site. These are my recommendations:

Registrar: SiteGround ($15.95 / Year)
Hosting: SiteGround ($3.95 / Month | Reg. $11.95 / Month)

SiteGround is the best because they have superior customer support. They are the only hosting company that I know is very transparent with their work and they even show their server uptime which averages 99.99% of the time. With a downtime of 00.01% you probably won’t even notice that at all!

I used to host my domains at HostGator but after struggling with their customer support who were not very supportive, helpful and with their “Do-It-Yourself” attitude. I decided to explore for a new hosting service provider who will treat me as a loyal customer and will support me with any issues I have on my site.

Not to also mention that SiteGround customer service support speaks English better than HostGator that often ends up in miscommunication. After I switched to SiteGround, I was a lot happier with my choice and I felt like I made the best one ever yet. To this date, I only recommends SiteGround to people who are looking to start their own website.

Things you need to know about SiteGround

* Superior Live Customer Support that are open 24/7. They responds to your issues within minutes.
* They offer at least three hosting plans to help anyone get their websites started.
* You can get your own domain name, hosting and wordpress all with in one package.
* SiteGround offers WordPress, Mangento, Joomla, PHP3 and PrestaShop installers.
* As your business grows, they offers dedicated hosting plans that you can easily upgrade later.

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I strongly encourage you to avoid registering with HostGator. I had bad experiences with that company and it is my reason for asking you to please avoid them at all the cost.

If you are interested in start making money off your website, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as your host and registrar. Although, they are slightly more expensive, they have their own shares of many successful marketers who made money purely on affiliating with different programs.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Domains: $15 / Year
  • Wealthy Affiliate Hosting: $49 / Month for 50 Websites

For your information to see how Wealthy Affiliate ranks against other companies that charges high price for the same or less services:

Wealthy Money Making Websites

So why would you want to pay more for the SiteGround mentioned above. There are reasons which I will get on to that later. But the main thing that it is very easy to build a website and include new websites to your hosting plans.

Instead of having to go through complicated process between two different services, WA have very cool systems that I will show you more below:

As I mentioned previously about WA, they have detailed and helpful step by step training that teaches you how to turn your website into a real business. Your $49/month hosting plan includes lesson plans how to rank your website, create graphics, include videos, inserting links and finding companies to partner so that you can start making money.

However, there are a lot of great free resources that will teach you how to do these without having to chunk $49 a month. That would require at least additional researching on your own to keep up with information.

Anyway, I will get more into the details later and show you how to make money with your websites the easy way. But for now, you have to decide. Are you going to build a money making website on your own. Or are you going to get the help from your peers and mentors in an online entrepreneurship community? The choice is your.

Doing it on your own with SiteGround

  1. Purchase a Hosting Plan of your choice
  2. Purchase a Domain
  3. Log into the cPanel
  4. Install WordPress on your purchased Domain
  5. Create Username, Password, Email, etc for your website.
  6. Enter your domain
  7. Start Blogging, Research and Make Money

The process is actually very simple with SiteGround as you only need to have a hosting plan and domain on the same site. It only takes around 5 minutes and you will have a website that is ready to start.

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