Web Hosting Showdown: HostGator vs SiteGround, Which One is Better?

ByKeith Ericksen

Web Hosting Showdown: HostGator vs SiteGround, Which One is Better?

Today we are doing a web hosting showdown between HostGator vs SiteGround.

If you are wondering which one is the best hosting service provider for all of your money making website needs.

Then you are going to want to bookmark this article because it is a really long one.

I want to announce a disclaimer before I start talking about HostGator vs SiteGround: I had use both services before.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. And there are certainly some features that put both as serious contenders. But this is by no means to bash either web hosting providers. This article is all but purely from my experience.

I know you want to know which HostGator vs SiteGround is the best for hosting your websites. Which is why I am going to share my experience with you today.

I hear this often from other people saying: HostGator is the best hosting service provider! Or something like this: I strongly recommend SiteGround, they have low price monthly plans.

But did they say why you should host your websites at these web service providers?

I bet you not. What is the deal with these web hosting service providers if you don’t know what advantages they brings to the table?

Right on. Before you make an investment mistake because you didn’t know that web hosting provider had that feature or something like an excellent customer support, etc.

You are going to want to read and find out the benefits and advantages that each web hosting service provider brings to the table. And I am going to make it the “Grand Ol’ Showdown” battle between these popular hosting service providers.

So let’s get started with monthly plans:

Monthly Plans

I know how expensive paying for these websites monthly can be. Especially if you have a growing business that needs a large server to support these visitors and delivering information to the frontend that is readable for the users.

Not also they keeps your website running, the prices between HostGator vs SiteGround are very competitive.

I am going to start with HostGator first and because it was my first web hosting service provider. So it only makes sense if I talk about that provider first.

HostGator’s Monthly Plan

HostGator Monthly Plans

This is what you will see when you are buying a web hosting service for your domains. They have changed quite a bit since I moved to SiteGround after bad experiences with the HostGator’s customer support.

As you can see, the lowest monthly price you can get for is at $2.75 a month.

That is for one month only. Just one month then after that, the monthly price goes up. When I was completely new to the world of web hosting, I bought the Baby plan thinking it would charge me $3.95 a month only.

My monthly plan immediately jumped to $11.95 after the introductory first month and I didn’t even know about it. HostGator didn’t said anything about it, aside from selling these plan at astonishing 60% off.

I felt like I was tricked into buying their low-priced plans. But now I know better and research these monthly plans before I make the decisions.

These plans included free SSL certificate which is actually a standard thing right now. You don’t have to go and fork extra just to plaster your domain with SSL certificate.

However, keep it in your mind that once your SSL expires after one year. You will have to pay to renew it.

What a rip-off!? You will think to yourself. Plus they don’t say how much data you will get and what monthly visitors is allowed.

I understand that they did listed unmetered bandwidth, but it felt too vague to me. There are no number set, so I never knew how much I was allowed to have.

From my experience, businesses that markets unmetered bandwidth tends to be a bit shady. Things you are doing can be easily changed when you didn’t realized that you have hit the cap limit.

Now you are wondering how come you weren’t informed about it because the HostGator did a poor job at stating what is included in their hosting plans.

No offense to HostGator, but they did really do a piss-poor effort at making these plans clear and transparent.


SiteGround Monthly Plans

As you can see, the SiteGround monthly price is slightly expensive than HostGator’s plans. But SiteGround monthly plans is much more clear and transparent.

I absolutely love it how they stated how much data of web space you will get. They even listed how much monthly visitors you will get.

I immediately felt like they are very honest and trustworthy web hosting provider.

Also, if you need more information about these hosting plans that SiteGround provides. They have “see plan details” that will take you to a page where you can see comparison between these three plans.

All of these plans comes with a Free SSL certificate. If you are interested in starting your own e-Commerce website, a SSL certification is all you need.

Best of all, you get discounted price off these plans for up to 1 year!

But that is only if you chose to pay for it yearly. For your information, I only pay $70 a year using GrowBig Plan.

Good deal right? Better than paying $12 a month at HostGator which probably would had cost me $144 a year.

So basically, SiteGround is much cheaper to host. They also kept true to their words from what was listed in the plan details.

Also, SiteGround hosting plans comes with a built-in CDN and caching features.

So forget about installing CDN and caching plugins because SiteGround got your back.

At these price and perks that SiteGround has to offer is a lot more than what you will get from HostGator.

Love it.

Website Downtime

I am sure everyone hates having downtime, especially when you are in middle of something important. Then all of sudden, there is a downtime and the content that you are working on might be lost.

Arrghh! That is how everyone probably and should feel like.

For every one hour of downtime, it costs organizations $100,000. For these enterprises companies, it is a whopping 1 million to 5 million dollars!

Just imagine if you grow your business that big and your website experiences a downtime.

Money lost. Customers gets angry. You are trying to figure out how to bring back your website. Fast.

Not only just that, some customers will perceived your site as unreliable and you might lose out some returning visitors.

Nobody wants that and either does the web hosting providers too.

Now, it is important to understand that both web hosting providers are working hard around the clock to ensure there is little to no downtime.

There will be always and a tiny chance your website will experience a downtime.

But they are brief, I promise you! You won’t even know that a downtime happened because it is so fast and only happened for what like 0.01% of the time?

So, without further ado, I am going to tell you the difference between HostGator and SiteGround how they handles their service downtime.

Let’s get started with HostGator.


HostGator has a policy called Uptime Guarantee. Which means that if you purchased and own Shared or Reseller plans and they fall short of the 99.9% uptime.

You will receive a free one month of credit for these package on your account. These credits are approved at the sole discretion of HostGator and it is dependent based on the justification provided.

But there is a catch, the server maintenance isn’t considered as downtime and will not count toward Uptime Guarantee.

So if your website is experiencing downtime because of server maintenance, you are at their whim until they finish their maintenance. And they aren’t even considered as downtime which kind of contradicts with their Uptime Guarantee policy.

Plus, this policy only applies as long as the server is available to deliver content to your site. So if your website is down, but the server is available, it doesn’t get counted toward Uptime Guarantee.

Keep it in your mind that this policy is applicable to Shared and Reseller web hosting accounts.

The downtime duration tends to be between 3 to 5 minutes.


Now, there is a real reason why I switched over to SiteGround. They have a Uptime policy which states that your website will be up for 99.99% of the time.

That is an extra 0.09% right there. Which means that if your website is 99.98% or 99.97%, you are entitled to present your case for review and get a credit worth for that amount of downtime.

I interviewed with a customer support representative about their Uptime technology and I quote:

If there is downtime for your website more then the indicated on our website, for reasons related with us, we will credit the account for this domain time that the customer has experienced. Such cases are reviewed by our managers and our advanced technical team.

These downtime only happen very rare and they do credit accounts accordingly to the downtime experienced.

However, the server maintenance is quite normal to keep the server running smoothly. They aren’t considered as apart of the downtime.

But I was impressed how SiteGround keeps ahead of its competitors by notifying me in advance when maintenance is scheduled.

Their downtime don’t last more than 2 minutes compared to HostGator.

Lastly, these downtime are applicable for all hosting plans. No matter what plan you have, if you have a downtime more than 99.99%, you are entitled to request for a 1-month worth credit.

Customer Support

If you are a user of their website service provider. The first and foremost you will expect from them is a friendly, genuine and supportive customer service.

Nobody wants to struggle with a customer support representative who doesn’t understand what exactly your issue is.

At least, I did faced some issues that took me over 2 hours just to resolve a small problem.

Unbelievable! If that happens to you, then you would stand up and shout at them about how they could have understand what you were saying and worked faster.

Now, let’s be frank. I am pretty sure most of us who work in the world of internet business have our own quirks and experiences.

Here is a short quote for you: successful people are better communicator.

If you communicate your issues well in clear and concise sentences that other people understand.

Then you will become successful and get the help that you need.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t how reality work. Because no matter what, there always will be some people who struggles to understand what you need help with.

However, the truth is. These customer support representatives are just human beings like us.

That is why it is important that we need to be able to communicate our issues well that they can help us quickly and create positive customer experience.

The customer support between HostGator vs SiteGround are hotly debated even nowadays.


I will be honest with you. HostGator is my first web hosting provider and I did have some bad experience with their customer support.

When my website was down for over an extended period, I contact the customer support to resolve the issue.

And I was immediately greeted by silence. It felt like they are ignoring me and at this point it did took one of them 10 minutes and 13 seconds to be exact to greet me.

Often of the time with the HostGator customer support, I had to go and say hello. Then explain the issues.

For some reason, most of them ask me to repeat what my issues is even it is clearly stated right in the started when you fill out the chat ticket.

Can you believe how frustrating and time-consuming it was for me?

To me, it felt like they didn’t read what my issues exactly was and just asked me directly.

But here is my experience. I did had my ticket passed around by at least three different representatives trying to figure out how to resolve my website issue. At least for over 2 hours.

Until that customer support representative finally said that he will escalate my issue to a senior manager.

Why did they make me wait for 2 hours when the first customer support representative could have done it right away.

Another times when I asked them for assistance with WordPress Issues involving making changes to the codes inside the domain.They gave me the “Do-It-Yourself” attitude which wasn’t really helpful nor friendly at all.

I never felt that they valued their customers at all, to be honest.

Their “Do-it-yourself” attitude was the final straw that made me look for a different web hosting service provider.


When I switched over to SiteGround after I was convinced to try their services out. I made my first customer support ticket relating to a domain issue.

I was immediately greeted by a pulsing heart and that their representative agent will be available to chat soon!

My first impression with that brought the sense of caring, undivided attention and valued feeling for the first time from a hosting service provider.

As soon as I connected to a customer support representative, He was the first person to greet me right away. Which made me felt like I am talking to an actual person.

I had my issue listed in the chat ticket and he immediately prompted me that he will get it resolved.

I didn’t even have to repeat what my issue was or anything like that. He just saw my issue and got right on to that.

So I waited for a few minutes before I got a ping from my customer support representative that he had the issue resolved.

That was all for a minor issue under 5 minutes compared to my experience with HostGator. But that was my first impression.

Now, you are going to want to know how reliable SiteGround customer support is.

I made few more tickets from a wide range of issues that I had with my site and used the chat support system.

I was constantly greeted by hellos, his and welcomes every single time. They responses to your inquiries pretty quick and do everything to ensure that your issues gets resolved in timely manner.

My experience with SiteGround customer support services has been nothing but overwhelming positive experiences.

If that is more than enough to convince you to sign up them as your new web hosting service provider just because they have amazing customer support, be sure to use the link below for discounted plans:

–> Sign Up to get 67% discounted off hosting plans <–

Speed and Content Delivery Network

This topic get talked very often. And it is a no exception when it comes to a web hosting showdown between HostGator and SiteGround!

Did you know that the speed of server affects your website bounce rate and also conversion rate? According to Section.io, the bounce rate for loading a web page that takes a visitor 2 seconds is 9.61%. For a three seconds it goes up to 13.0%. Each second it takes longer to load, the more visitors are going to click “Go Back” button or close the website before you content even get read.

Don’t you just hate that? Afterall, you are into money making right? That is what we teach our readers how to make a business website that makes you six-figures to seven-figures a year passively.

Nobody wants to wait for your website to finish loading these content.

Which is why speed and delivery of content is dramatically important for your website. You want your content right on the front of visitor’s computer or smartphone at a lighting speed.

You don’t want your server to say: “Oh a visitor is checking out your content? Here, give me a three seconds to pull them out.”

No, just no. You want your server to say: “Yes sir! I will pull these content out right away!”

HostGator’s Speed and CDN

As a former user of HostGator, their speed is beyond atrocious.

Following by a lackluster transparency to display their up time with slow loading times.

On average, it took them 991ms to load a website page which is slower than the rest of website average speed of 890ms.

It is not good because Google factors speed in SEO ranking algorithm. It also has been proven to hurt your sales and conversion rate for each delayed second.

Having a fast website is more important than ever now. It is why the site load time is a high priority when it comes to choosing the right web hosting service provider.

Again, not to consider that SiteGround is smaller than HostGator but they deliver far faster loading times.

SiteGround’s Speed and CDN

If you are new to web hosting. You need to understand that the speed is king of all website.

It is especially important for retail giants like Amazon that stands to potentially lose up to $1.6 billion a year if they were to be slowed down by 1 second. So now you can see why speed is our top priority.

SiteGround does a very good job at delivering content at lighting speed.

They definitely have done their homework using combination of software and hardware to keep sites lightweight and speedy. Plus, they have four data centers: Chicago, London, Amsterdam and Singapore.

All of your website information are managed on SSDs in all of their servers. If you are unfamilar with what SSDs are, they are hard drives that delivers data up to 30% faster than regular HDDs.

Content delivery is really important for your website. If you don’t optimize your website then you are looking at a slow loading time which will come across as unprofessional and unreliable.

Luckily, SiteGround comes with a built-in CDN in the cPanel that holds all of your website data right there. They uses Cloudflare to deliver content to your visitors.

This makes everything so much easier and faster. Not only it helps your website loads faster, it eliminates the need to install caching and CDN plugins.

SiteGround is well known for the most number of connections to the internet exchange points all over the round.

And do you know what that means for us? Buttery smooth content delivery.

Protections and Keeping Your Sites Safe

Did you know that cyber attacks cost online U.S businesses an average $1.3 million in 2017?

If you think you aren’t never going to get hacked. Congratulations buddy, I am so proud of you.

But let’s face the reality. No matter how well your website is protected or your password is. You will need a web hosting service provider that will protect your website from these cyber attacks.

That is why it is important to have service provider that keeps your investments, data and money making sites safe.

Just so that you know if your website gets hacked, you probably have to pay bill for that since the providers have to take their focus off on growing the business and prevent your site from sinking.

Which the web hosting service provider will end up losing your loyalty if that happened to you.

So we are going to compare HostGator vs SiteGround how well they protect your websites and handles these cases.


With HostGator, they use SiteLock which will set you back an additional $1.94 a month.

Their software automatically scans for malware. If they find something that doesn’t look right, you are alerted via e-mail and control panel.

HostGator’s website security services helps keeps the sites safe from hackers and malwares for all hosting plans.

Not only they help keeps your site protected, it prevents you from getting blacklisted by Google if they detect malware which will damage your reputation and SEO ranking.

They also comes with a SiteLock badge which helps builds visitors trust and “claimed” that it increases conversions by around 15%.

A study case done by VWO Blog shows that badge helped their conversion rate by 32%.

It is a recognized symbol of protection and a green light for e-commerce customers.

However, you should do research before adopting them right away. Which means you need to do a lot of testing to see which improves your conversion rates.

Most people nowadays just look at the url address and see green lock that indicates the website is protected.

For savvy e-commerce customers, that is completely a different story.


SiteGround was the first web hosting service provider to pioneered in account isolation mechanisms for shared hosting environment.

They even show how well they rank against other web hosting service providers. As you can see only 5 has done right. Another 5 hosts did it partially right and 3 of them don’t even have that feature.

Plus, they have hack protection for users that uses WordPress and Joomla which is patched by SiteGround only.

SiteGround Isolation Technology

The rest of 12 web hosting service providers still have vulnerabilities and are exploitable without any problems.

This clearly shows SiteGround has put their attention and care to protect their customers from cyber attacks.

I had a much more positive experience with SiteGround protections. I felt much safer knowing that they are working hard to keep data safe and they are very transparent with their work.

Best of all, it is free and included all web hosting plans.

HostGator vs SiteGround: Which One is Best?

If you are thinking of starting your own website business, but haven’t decided which web hosting provider to go with yet.

I have drawn comparisons between both service providers and shared my experiences with you.

As you can see, I strongly favored SiteGround for these following reasons:

  • Superior Customer Support
  • Fast, Responsive and Genuine Conversations
  • Safe Web Protections
  • Loads Website Much Faster
  • Low Downtime Time
  • Detailed Hosting Plans and No Hidden Fees

SiteGround is probably one of the most transparent web hosting service provider that I have worked with.

They are not afraid to show how well they rank against their competitors and show their work for everyone to see.

Server downtime and all the information about your website can be easily accessed via their cPanel.

HostGator on the other hand, engages in a much more shady business method.

Remember I told you that I thought their hosting plan was $3.95 a month and it jumped to $11.95 a month immediately after first month?

Then I explained how I felt tricked and didn’t know it was coming. I learned my lesson and searched for a better web hosting service provider that is more reliable and honest.

Also keep it in your mind that if you want additional services at HostGator. You have to pay extra for it.

Want to renew your SSL Certificate? Pay for it. Want to install SiteLock on your domain? Pay for it.

While SiteGround includes all of these important features in their web hosting plans already.

You can rest assured that you will feel comfortable knowing that your website is protected and up to date at lighting speed with SiteGround.

That is because I am sharing my experience with you and I am telling all wonderful things about this web hosting service provider.

Ever since to date, I haven’t felt the need to switch or move to a different web hosting service provider for one year so far.

Their customer support are friendly, fast and supportive enough to help me out with issues.

Not to also mention that if you are a first time beginner learning how to blog. SiteGround have awesome tutorials to help you get started!

They are easy to learn and did a great job at guiding first timers to become successful website owners.

It doesn’t matter what your skill and level is, SiteGround is tailored for all customers.

Best of all, you can save up to 67% off on your hosting plan via billing annually.

At these competitive price, superior speed, excellent customer support service and extremely useful tutorials. SiteGround have come as the clear winner.

There is no other web hosting service providers that I would even consider other than SiteGround.

In fact, you can start your own website business with SiteGround today and start growing money off the tree.

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