Why Siteground Is Totally Legit and Best Hosting Service Provider to Use

ByKeith Ericksen

Why Siteground Is Totally Legit and Best Hosting Service Provider to Use

Are you fed up with your current web hosting service provider? Do you want to find a better one that treats you like a valued customer? How about getting a lot of useful perks that puts your website ahead and the support you need? More than thousands clients are looking for legit and best hosting service provider every year.

That happened to me when I switched from HostGator to Siteground.

After my bad experiences with HostGator’s slow customer support, their inability to resolve issues fast and their “Do-it-Yourself” attitudes. Most of HostGator’s features are locked behind paid content which you had to purchase in order to have the same perks as some of its competitors.

It was the biggest turn off for me. So I set an adventure to find the next best hosting service provider and move my website over.

I identified and researched my top two best hosting service provider, BlueHost and Siteground. After doing some research about these web hosting service providers. I decided to go with Siteground in January 2018.

Fast forward 6 months later, I am still with Siteground and completely left HostGator in dust. I am happier with my new web hosting service provider and I get all the support I need.

Web HostingNot only that my website is much faster, smoother and lightweight compared to HostGator.

Siteground is still relatively a new web hosting service provider. But they had made great advancements in the recent years.

They have put a great deal into caring after their customers and ensuring that they are happy with the results. In fact, you might be wondering if Siteground is actually a legit host service provider.

Which I will be more than happy to talk and explain how Siteground is totally a legit and best hosting service provider to use.

In this article, I will talk about their business practices, hosting plans, customer support, speed and of course perks. If you are tired of your current web hosting service provider, this might be a good time to read why you should use Siteground as your web hosting service provider.

Read more to find out why.

Business Practices

While Siteground is another web hosting service provider. They have made themselves very unique apart their competitors. How?

By embracing transparency and valuing their customers. In fact, you can see your website uptime right here which is available to the public.

They are very committed to ensuring your website maintain uptime. If it falls below the uptime shown on the page, you can file request for their managers to review and potentially get a credit worth of one month.

Siteground doesn’t leaves anything out and is very upfront with their clients. All of the information are shown on each page that explains what each features, plans and technology does to benefit clients like you.

Lastly, Siteground is very famous for embracing caring and value of their customers which might sounds skeptical to you at first.

But from my experience as a Siteground client, I can say that they do really care about their customers. The customer representatives go above and beyond to solve any issues you might have right away.

Unlike other web hosting service providers where you have to wait hours and days for your issue to get resolve that can be both irritating and frustrating. Siteground prioritizes their clients and gets their issues fixed right away.

Siteground revolves transparency, caring and value by putting you first and meeting your expectations as an user of their services.

Web Hosting

Hosting Plans

Let’s be honest here, there are several web hosting service providers that have cheaper hosting plans. But they are by no means any better than the hosting plans Siteground has to offer.

Siteground hosting plans are slightly expensive, but there is a catch. They offer 67% discount off your first year hosting plan as an incentive. In your first year, if you choose “Grow Big” plan, you will only have to pay $70 for the first year.

HostGator and BlueHost for instance only offer discount for the first introductory month. After that, they kick your monthly price up. In the end you will pay around $70 more compared to Siteground.

Siteground doesn’t do that. They keep your monthly price same and if you are happy with your hosting plan, you can continue to purchase annual plan at lower price compared to other hosting service providers,

Not to also mention that as a Siteground customer, you get a lot of perks and useful tools for your website needs.

Customer Support Service

Siteground’s customer support service is beyond unbelievable. Their speed, response and the ability to solve issues is definitely top class right there.

When you create a chat ticket, you will be prompted by a pulsing heart which you will join in a conversation with a representative briefly.

Based on my experience, I never had any issues with their customer support service. I didn’t even have to repeat my issues twice because the representatives read and gets right on to it.

Web HostingPlus Siteground representatives are very friendly. They are always the first person to greet you. When I was an user of HostGator and contacted them via chat ticket. They never said hello or anything and that create a sense of “cold look” that they don’t really value me as their client.

I had to wait two hours for a ticket once because some customer representative at HostGator couldn’t figure out how to solve my issue. So they passed on to other two customer representatives before they finally escalated to senior manager who resolved my issue.

For that amount of waiting time and when the first representative could have done it right away if he couldn’t figured out instead of passing around is beyond ridiculous.

Siteground even have a support page that tells you how they can help you more than other web hosting service providers. If you hate waiting for a representative or you are tired of them not solving your issue.

Siteground understands you and they share the same experience. Which is why they are committed to provide world-class response and quality support service that you will leave happy.

Lighting Speed

Having a lighting fast website is extremely important. Siteground made sure of that all their clients have fast loading website. Speed is the king and a very important SEO factor.

When I switched my website from HostGator to Siteground, I could immediately tell the difference in speed. My website was loading much faster and smoother. That is because Siteground uses SSD in their servers which loads 30% faster than HDD.

Web HostingPlus, they partnered with Cloudflare to provide you the advantage of content delivery network within the server itself. Which means you do not need to use a CDN plug-in on your website.

And did I forget that Siteground comes with a built-in optimizer and caching system? That’s right, all of the information are stored via Siteground servers instead of your website. The capacity is much larger and powerful enough to sustain big quantity of traffic.

You will never have to worry about maintaining your website cache every time. Best of all, you can flush cache within your website anytime you want to if you have fresh content or made changes to the site.

All of the content are delivered via server automatically that greatly reduces the loading time for responsive and fast loading time.

Siteground takes advantage of all modern website technology that helps their clients maximize speed and content delivery to millions of visitors everyday.

In fact, Siteground shows how they use these features that benefits you and keeping your websites ahead of other web hosting service providers.

Web Hosting

Perks as a Siteground User

Along with superior speed, customer support and honest, transparency business practices. Siteground comes with a lot of perks that other web hosting service providers.

Remember I talked briefly about how you had to pay additional cost at HostGator just to protect your site and get it up to speed?

One of the many perks that Siteground has to offer to you as a potential customer is that they are safer to use and protects your website from hacks. All of their servers are set to use the latest PHP 7 verisions that includes the latest security fixes.

Plus, they are equipped with sophisticated IDS/IPS systems that blocks bots and attackers. On top of this, they have installed ModSecurity on shared servers, which is uncommon for majority of web hosting service providers as most of customers uses shared hosting plans.

Web HostingAnother perk of using Siteground is that you are not limited to just WordPress only. You have quite several installers to choose from including Joomla, Magneto, PrestaShop and phpBB3.

Of course, Siteground is one of the official WordPress web hosting service provider, but it is good at least to know that you have several options to choose from if you decide to expand beyond WordPress.

Best of all, they are free. As a Siteground customer, you get a website with free SSL certificate, protection against hackers and spammers on shared servers and a lot of useful tools that you will actually use them.

If you are starting out for the first time, Siteground have a complete, detailed and user-friendly tutorials to navigate you through as you are blogging.

Siteground is one of the fewest and best web hosting service provider that revolves and focus on ensuring their customers gets all the support they need to become a successful web owner like me.

If you are tired of paying more for the same services that Siteground users get. Then you should reconsider your current web hosting service provider and make the switch.

As a part of the deal for first time user, you can get 67% discount off your hosting plan by clicking here.

Throughout my experience as a Siteground customer. I can say that I have never been more than happy to switch from HostGator to Siteground. I do not see myself switching to a different hosting service provider anytime sooner. Because Siteground has all the tools they have for my website needs.

Plus, you don’t get that kind of fast, loyal and amazing customer support anywhere than Siteground. In the end, Siteground is totally legit and best hosting service provider that everyone should just switch over there.

So, what are you waiting for?

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