Why Some Domain Names Are Damn So Expensive?

ByKeith Ericksen

Why Some Domain Names Are Damn So Expensive?

When it comes to shopping for a domain name, you want to be sure that it fits your website and within the niche. Choosing the right domain names is especially important because they are what represents your website.

Sometimes you will come across domains that have high price tag which easily goes for $3,000 to $5,000. In some cases, I have seen domains for sale that has more than $70,000 price tag on it. These are called premium domains.

Not many people can afford to buy premium domains because they come with high price tag. Not only they are expensive, you have to pay hefty price just to own it. Although the renewal cost is the same as owning non-premium domains.

Unless you are rich, you can easily buy premium domain names and dominate the search engines. Generally, when you enter keywords in the domain address that happens to be generic. It is likely that these domains are for sale at premium rate.

Premium Domains Examples

You might be saying to yourself, whoa these domains are so expensive! Yes, they are very pricey, but if you are owner of these domains. They come with great SEO advantage which I will explain later.

What are the Benefits of Premium Domains?

I have heard of people saying that domains do not matter when it comes to SEO ranking. In fact, they matters a little if you are looking at non-premium domains.

Reseller Hosting with NamecheapHowever, the impact of premium domains has on the SEO factor is a lot bigger than you think. The more generic your domain is, the more often you are going to pop up in the search engines. Which in exchange you get to build your brand and gain trust quickly.

In fact, the generic domain appears in the search engine more commonly because of the keywords that naturally boosts your website ranking. Take this for example, aerialdrones.com. If someone types in “aerial” or “drones” and your website with that domain will pop up because they have these keywords inside.

If you are wondering where you can get premium domains for less. Namecheap is a great domain registrar provider that sells domains for a whole lot cheaper than what you have seen in the picture which was taken by GoDaddy.

Just to show you comparison between GoDaddy and Namecheap price tag on the same premium domain:

Cheap Premium Domain Names

As you can see it cost $73,255 to buy aerialdrones.com on GoDaddy. On the other hand, it only cost $63,700 to buy on Namecheap with a low renewal price tag.

If you have never own a website before, or you are wondering how you can get domain for less price. Instead of shopping at big brands like GoDaddy, you should buy your domains directly from Namecheap.

They are main domain registrar provider and often hosting service providers partners with them which results in artificially increasing the price of domain within the same company. To see how well Namecheap ranks against other web hosting service providers in selling domains.

  • Namecheap: $7.99
  • GoDaddy: $11.99
  • BlueHost: $11.99
  • HostGator: $12.95
  • Siteground: $15.95

Plus your domain can work with any hosting plans of your choice. For this part, I recommend Siteground due to their superior services. And they are running a special discounted price of 67% off any hosting plans for the first year. Read my article why I chose Siteground as my web hosting service provider.

How Premium Domains Will Help You?

It is important to keep in your mind that while they can be quite expensive to own. They comes with several advantages including:

  • Major SEO Boost
  • Trust
  • Brand

As I mentioned previously that these keywords are included in the domain already which contributes boost to your website SEO naturally. This is really a big deal not only because you will be able to overpower your competitors. You will be able to establish yourself as the authority and build traffic quickly.

Search and buy domains from NamecheapPremium domains generally have easier time building trust and allows you to brand the domain that audience can associate quickly.

For instance Apple who is famous for selling iPhone and Mac computer. Their domain is www.apple.com and it is a premium domain. “Apple” is a frequent keyword that averages 3,350,000 monthly, organically. Not from words of mouth or from social media. Purely from organic search.

Just imagine how much traffic they must be bringing in everyday just for having that keyword that builds their SEO naturally. The shorter and generic domain is, the bigger boost you are going to get from bringing in the traffic. Mainly because these keywords are searched commonly and secondly, they are easier to remember.

Plus they are trusted and carry HUGE brand with them.

If you are shopping around for a domain to start your own money making websites like affiliate marketing. The only domain registrar I recommend you to buy from is Namecheap. And they are fully compatible with any hosting service provider you choose.

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